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The fifth massive installment of Sins of New Eden: Rebirth!

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Added Russian and German text options.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect weapon type of the Vanquisher, which was erroneously set to Rail gun instead of blasters.
  • Corrected the spawn delay at the start of a game to the desired time of 30-35 minutes, instead of the previously entered 10-15 minutes, as an deliberate measure to help prevent unlucky spawns head-shooting AI players out of a game.
  • The player Drifter battleship weapon tracking profile was incorrectly using capital weapon tracking instead of the intended battleship tracking profile, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Triglavian, Drifter and Sleeper sites to excessively spawn their NPCs.
  • Fixed incorrect entries on the Loggerhead and Minokawa Weapon Types.
  • The income rate for the planet, Volcanic Fair was set too high, missed out in the recent economic adjustments, this has now been corrected.
  • The Stand up Dragonfly has had its speed values corrected, which we set too fast.
  • Found and fixed an over stacking issue with smartbomb caster buffs.
  • Fixed references to the wrong Launch/Dock Drones Icon.
  • Fixed a bug with missile trail having Lifetime on their flight, now will reach their destination without detaching smoke.
  • Fixed NPC Concord Frigate using wrong gun sounds.
  • Fixed Mantis Fighter asymmetrical exhausts.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Bombs from damaging ships with S sized weapons.
  • Fixed a bug with Berserker having an asynchronous salvo.
  • Fixed Triage Mode Icon.
  • Fixed Nidhoggur Wreck using an old texture.
  • Fixed Muninn firing from only 1 broadside.
  • Fixed Omen turrets having wrong textures.
  • Fixed wrong Emblem associations on NPC's
  • Fixed Fighters mobility.
  • Caracal will no longer turn into the Cerberus mesh after being researched.
  • Manticore had two of the same meshes.
  • Fixed refinery income rates.
  • Fixed stuttery cyno beacon VFX.
  • Added unique Siege Mode abilities to all dreadnoughts (both player and NPC) in order to better clean up their activation ranges and fix some issues with dreads sieging incorrectly.

Minor Changes:

  • Reduced the total bonus that can be achieved by trading skills from 50% to 25%
  • Reduced the second level of citadel trading upgrades base income rate from 2.50 to 1.75.
  • Increased the base costs of mercenary pirate raids.
  • Removed Orbital Bombardment capabilities from FAUX ship types and Industrial ships.
  • Added a description within the option tool tips for fleet size settings to give tips to which supply setting is ideal for which style of game being configured, and for which sizes of matches.
  • Moved the Smartbombing Navy Apocalypse and the Nightmare over to the HQ structures, and places a spawner for the Zarmazd onto the capital shipyards to allow production of the ship without the need for a World Ark.
  • Fixed an issue with Dreadnought siege modes that had incorrect levelsourcetypes and also tuned the ranges of all siege module triggers during the fix.
  • Increased the Construction Ventures speed from 471 to 700
  • Added "Built at an owned Mining Belt" statement to the Mining barge tech descriptions
  • Faction ships will now follow the rally point when spawned
  • Reconfigured all Statcounttypes, so that they can be accurately used by players to observe their match statistics better at the end of a game.
  • Added a hologram indicating what ship is building in the shipyards.
  • Rebalanced quests.
  • Added (Built at an owned Mining Belt) tag to the mining barge tech descriptions.
  • Added more alliance emblems on the Citadels.
  • Added new tech descriptions for the following entities:
    • Serpentis Ninazu
    • Angel Lif
    • Svipul
    • Munnin
    • Hound
    • Sabre
    • Rapier
    • Scimitar
    • Broadsword
    • Dramiel
    • Machariel
    • Vargur
    • Panther
    • Worm
    • Rattlesnake
    • Gile
    • Garmur
    • Orthrus
    • Barghest
    • Command Orca
    • Nightmare
    • Komodo
    • Ragnarok
    • Revenant
    • Abaddon
    • Apocalypse
    • Archon
    • Avatar
    • Cruor
    • Ashimuu
    • Bhaalgorn
    • Astero
    • Stratios
    • Nestor
    • Noctis
    • Vigilant
    • Vindicator
    • Hurricane
    • Astrahus
    • Fortizar
    • Keepstar
    • Bellicose
    • Siege Module
    • Triage Module
    • Doomsday Module
    • Electronic Warfare Burst Projector Module
    • Command Burst
  • Added 52 new voicelines.


  • All skyboxes have been overhauled with far more accurate star weights along with improved visual fidelity


  • Improved Blasters, Railguns, Artillery and Autocannons VFX.
  • Improved Arcing Vorton Projector VFX.

Vorton Projector

  • Added a new set of Starscape textures
  • Warp Interdiction Bubbles have received an overhaul.

Interdiction BubbleInterdiction Bubble Red

Ship & Structure normals and ambient occlusion maps have been updated to accommodate less compression artifacts

Compressed Old NormalsCompressed New Normals

Planet Bombardment mechanic has been overhauled to fit the visuals of Dust 514 Orbital Bombardment

Planet Bombardment

Along with that, Carriers and Supercarriers will use their fighters to bomb planets instead.

Fighter Bombardment

User Interface:

  • UI has been overhauled to fully immerse you into the EVE ONLINE experience, following the roots of "Dark Matter UI" along with 3 extra color themes to choose from!
  • Eve Sans Neue (Opentype) font integrated into the mod.

Gallente IDark MatterAmarr II

Caldari II

Ingame HUD

  • Completely overhauled all skills and research pages, and adjusted the costs of all ship skills.
  • Ship skills will now feature a single level factor to closer represent an EVE Ship-Tree that many may be more familiar with.

Amarr ShiptreeCaldari ShiptreeMinmatar Shiptree


Abilities and Mechanics

  • Doubled the damage of all smartbombs, and then adjusted the sig radius sim damage profiles for ability based damage to better balance the damage applied by smartbombs, bombs, super weapons and any other ability damage. This is in order to better balance bombs, which were too effective vs small targets without removing nearly all of the utility provided by smartbombs in the process. This also creates a signature radius like effect for the Drifter super weapon.
  • Adjusted the range of the Monitor and it's casting ability in order to try and help make it a little more feasible to use for a wider range of different ranged fleet configurations. Tweaked it's targeting priority so that it will prefer to clear nearby capitals before starting work on super capitals.
  • Moved the creation abilities of the Nightmare and Apocalypse Navy to the headquarters. And placed the creation ability for the Zarmazd logistics cruiser onto the Azbel.
  • Added fighter like movement dynamics to T1 Frigates, T1 Destroyers and the T3 Destroyers.
  • Adjusted the threshold at which Force Auxiliaries will enter Triage Mode. The threshold will now activate the ability when nearby targets are deeper into Shield/Hull.
  • Bosonic Field Generator
    • Damage application failures caused by anomalous behavior triggered by the buff being removed by the actual ability file itself, and thus causing the damage to cease prematurely.As a temporary measure, fix applied by making the damage buff continue to apply until the end of the weapon cycle, regardless of the position of the original target, as long as it was inside the target cone area when the weapon itself was actually fired.


  • Made a few changes to how it interacts with Freighters and Capitals early game period in order to better stabilise its activity, thus bringing its behaviour back to a more normal level, without it waiting so much in this period.
  • Adjusted the costs and timers for the use of Capital-Ships in order to slow down the number created in early game periods, without also excessively reducing its mid to late game capital production


3 New Maps added:

  • Ring World
  • Ring Worlds 6p
  • Basic 3v3

9 Maps updated:

  • The Kalevala Expanse
  • Pochven
  • Geminate
  • Fountain
  • Fade
  • The Forge
  • Omist
  • Geminate
  • Black Rise


In-game music has been updated with more up to date and high quality tracks, with the option to switch back to old tracks if need be. (Sub-mod)

Legal Disclaimer:

EVE Online © CCP Games. All EVE Online mods under Cyno Studios was created under CCP Games's “EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use” using assets from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie. It is not endorsed by CCP Games and does not reflect the views or opinions of CCP Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing EVE Online. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.

This material is used with limited permission of CCP Games. No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games is stated or implied. Any and all material that may resemble content from the EVE Online IP is owned solely by CCP Games.

Lazers_y - - 10 comments

The menu works.

But when loading a map after a few seconds, the game crashes.

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noing - - 1,507 comments

Disable minor factions

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Lazers_y - - 10 comments

It worked! Thank you^^

Now I am just fearing the course of my life playing this game. xD

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