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Development updates and progress thus far. Using Autokey to solve missing Numpad issue and resorting to some old editing methods...

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Early on I was having issues with not having a numpad or proper Art editing tool now that I've switched to a new laptop and thus new OS.

Lots of the old Build tools ran in dos, which really isn't an option, as dosbox can have issues running those editing programs. Most of the 'windows' editors are too old to work in Win 8, but DukeRes still runs alright.

So now I'm using that, but it does have issues, if you add in image the wrong way you can corrupt the art files contents, so I have to be careful with it. Its also the reason I didn't really use it before.

To fix the missing numpad issue I got AutoKey which helps immensely and I'm able to toggle numpad related keys for all the editing that Mapster requires. Texture and sprite resizing is all done with the numpad keys, as well as the shading. Now that issue is done I can easily work on levels again and finish them off.

The first map is getting closer to completion. There is a gas station that still needs an interior, but the docking station is getting close to completion, also featuring a freight ship cliff side. There is also a pumping station I've begun working on which connects to a sewer system that will connect under the map.

I've added in two new models for wall mount lights and post lights. I still need to create a bunch of sighs for various areas which hopefully I can handle with DukeRes until a proper Art editor can be found.

Finally I'll need to begin scripting again, getting objects working and refining the enemy's AI. Currently there are three different enemies I have, not including the ships that shoot missiles.

Another big project for the future is creating all the NPC sprites and loading them into ART files, this could be tricky but perhaps I can find a way to batch convert them in, maybe even do it on my older laptop and transfer it over if need be.

As for a new demo, I'd like to get the enemy AI refined and in working order, as well as a few more little tweaks and fixes. I plan on just releasing a solo map demo featuring the first Terra level.

ulrasor - - 226 comments

I'm so glad that this isn't dead.

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scott_aw Author
scott_aw - - 51 comments

I'm slowly working on it, haven't had too much time lately but should pick up in the holidays.

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