I specialize in game design, creating interesting and unique concepts either from original ideas or prior gameply elements.

I tend to stick towards old-school game styles and keeping visual representation consistent.

There's a lot of projects I've started and left in cold-storage, mostly do to my free time being sevearly limited to work on such projects, but I usually make up for it with fast production methods.

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Corneroids Creation

scott_aw Blog

In one of my previous articles here I was comparing free-to-play spaceship building games.Corneroids.comWell I've been spending a good amount of time playing with Corneroids, a simple but functional space ship building game.I mentioned before that Corneroids was pretty close to being a full game. It has opponents, multiplayer(haven't tested), and general goal. Build a ship, survive.In my first few play sessions I'd start off building a little outpost on the starting asteroid. I made the mistake of building my first ship in the asteroids zone of influence, as each object has one. Turns out you need to be a good distance away to build a ship, so that you see no connecting red arrow leading to anything but the first block you place.With several starter 'worlds' I started getting a better feel of the play. Ships needed thrusters on all angles for proper space flight. I still haven't quite perfected a decent ship structure.Within the last few days I've been focusing on one game world where I managed to create a simple transport and a space station with a roomy dock. Of course the dock is much bigger than the station, but why wouldn't it be? Its got to hold a ship!So here's a video I made showing the station, the ship and a lengthy space travel, skip to the last 3 minutes for the docking part.Unfortunately playing it a little later today I ended up losing the ship in a mishap involving the station shipping the ship and a catastrophic collision sending the station spinning and the ship shooting out like a sling shot. So now I got to build a new ship to find the old one. The game play just creates itself.

Good news.

Good news.

scott_aw Blog
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