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StarCraft: Burning Ground Demo v0.4 release delayed

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unexpected bugs detected.

Bunker turret bug, nuke randomtic crash bug, and more.. various bugs.
it seems like plugin massive collision.
and kel-morian AI crash problem, this is mysterious! After 10 seconds the BG CRASH..

if you find bug or something like that, contact me!

Templarfreak - - 6,721 comments

That's okay, I'm willing to wait for it. =p

I'd like to play you guys when it's finished, too!

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nuketf - - 387 comments

barracks/bunker? ALLRIGHT!! defend when building a army! right at the same time :)

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RobertHouse - - 1,281 comments

lol no! :)

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RobertHouse - - 1,281 comments

That's ok take as long as it takes a les bugger game is way better than a bugged up game I prefer to wait on perfection! :)

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Somebody_Someone - - 33 comments

0.3b works good
i guess you've cooked something wrong :)

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Black_Overseer Author
Black_Overseer - - 1,341 comments

yeah, all bug is plugin bug.

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binlintin - - 3 comments

hey Black_Overseer when the 0.4 will realease,I want to play Zerg so much
Thanks u

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