• Burning Ground is only compatible with starcraft v1.16.1.

After the infestation of the zerg and subsequent obliteration at the hands of the Protoss, the Kel-Morian prospectors discovered a unique mineral on the twin colony worlds of Mar and Chau Sara. A siege on the Sara system saw it secured in the name of the Kel-Morian Combine.

Having captured the planet they were after, a task force was established to counter Dominion control while aiding those who opposed its tyranny. Discontent with the brutality of Mengsk’s tyrannical rule, the Umojan Protectorate offered assistance to the Combine.

The Terran Dominion discovered this treachery from their former ally and greatest competitor, and sent their most fearsome weapon, a Psi Emitter, to the Kel-Morian Capitol world, Moria.

The resulting Zerg invasion saw chaos engulf the world. Quarantine Zones were established, trade networks crumbled, and the stock market collapsed.

The Kel-Morian Combine had sold off its frontier planets and mining operations as a result.

General Mah Sakai learned of the Dominion’s part in the infestation of Moria and set his contingency in motion, the order “Burning Ground”.

The Second Guild War began on the premise of eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

The Dominion had not finished in their punishment of the Combine but did not wish to openly acknowledge their use of the Psi Emitter. Likewise, the Kel-Morian Combine was now too weak to field their own forces, but still had enough liquid assets to hire an army.

The Mining Guilds of the old war were replaced with Mercenary Guilds as this new proxy war unfolded. It was not a war of principles or freedom, it was a war that would be won by the highest bidder.

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=== Release Info ===

Starcraft : Burning Ground - Fall of the Gods

(A mod for Starcraft : Brood War)

Requirments: StarCraft : Brood War Version 1.16.1

Nova Interactive Team

Director & Lead Programmer

  • The Best(khkgn@naver.com)

AI Programming

  • Commissar10(show4562@naver.com)

Plugin Programming

  • GAGMANIA(blte95)

Plugin Advise

  • Selshas Ranos(hwpyky)

3d Modeling

  • KRLewis(rlaeodhks80)


  • ssa3233

UI Interface

  • Fokkia(buildrush)

KMC, Dominion, UED Music

Xenogenocide, World War lll : Black Gold, MaestroRage
dragon-teenager, Rodoss, Piotr Musial

Main Theme Composer

  • Dearmin (blossomed_by)

Used Library

  • Corona (http://corona.sourceforge.net/)
    fmod (https://www.fmod.com/)

Special Thanks

JabronJim & Pr0nogo
moonsoldier, Kiith-Somtaaw
SoonCheol Won(wonsch6207)

Special Thanks 2

Atrox RTS


Official Link

MODDB : Moddb.com
YouTube : Youtube.com
Naver Cafe(Korean) : Cafe.naver.com

Thank you for playing this mod!

=== Update Note ===

Remaked Unit


Pirate Capital Ship -> Airbone Ark
UED Building Remake

Kel-Morian Combine

Valkyrie -> Tigershark
Hammerhead Tank -> Brontes
Spartan Company -> Gremlin

New Units

Field Devastator
Neutral Animals

UI Sight Indicator Changes

Display circle of unit's weapon range at least 10.
(Revenant's weapon range will be drawn when single selected.)

Reconverted Graphics

Droppot Effect

Plugins Changed & Bug Fix

Improved Game Optimization and more stable.
Deleted observer mode.
Fixed tooltip error.
Fixed displaying invincible unit's hp strings bug.
Unused units will be dead every time.
Rich mineral field's display color at minimap changed to yellow.

New System

Hybrid Lab System
In Game after 10 minutes, can be captured by Ground Units.
Hybrid Lab building's owner is granted the ability to recruit Hybrids from the building.
Although AI players will capture Hybrid Labs, they never train Hybrids.

Ai Elite Unit System
Role is Base Expansion Guard.
if you kills Ai Elite Units, you can loot mineral and gas resources.

Balance Change list

Spawn Medibot's cost 100->75

Jet Vulture/Death Head
Use weapon for structure attack to Ambassador MCV that packed up too.

New passive ability: Restores plasma shields fast in disguise.
Requirement: Strategy Center -> Battle Lab

Terror Drone
Damage: 95(+15) -> 105(+15)
HP: 35/25 -> 30/25
Cost: 50/30 -> 50/35
Applied weapon upgrade now.

Tech Reactor
Placement Box Size: 64x64->32x64

EXP Units
Use no supplies now.

HP: 1750->2000
Ground weapon damage: 50(+10)x2 -> 60(+10)x2
Air weapon damage : 10(+1)x2 -> 12(+1)x2

Worker damage: 5->6

Beta v1.04 BUG Fix, Balance Fix

Beta v1.04 BUG Fix, Balance Fix

News 5 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.04 (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.0

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.0

News 14 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.0. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War.)

Limit Break

Limit Break

News 11 comments

Recent StarCraft 1 engine limit breaks, thebest's works.

SC:BG video on KYSXD Youtube Channel

SC:BG video on KYSXD Youtube Channel

News 5 comments

YouTube channel KYSXD released a SC:BG video. check it out :)

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StarCraft: Burning Ground - Fall of the Gods v2.00 Update

StarCraft: Burning Ground - Fall of the Gods v2.00 Update

Full Version 28 comments

Burning Ground : Fall of the Gods is an v2.00 Major Update. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.04

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.04

Full Version 57 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Public Beta v1.04 (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.5

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.5

Demo 40 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.5 Version. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

StarCraft Brood War Windows 7 Color Fix (registry)

StarCraft Brood War Windows 7 Color Fix (registry)

Patch 10 comments

StarCraft Brood War Color Patch & Fix (Win7 - 32 & 64 bit)

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.4b

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.4b

Demo 27 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo v0.4b Version. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo 0.3b

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo 0.3b

Demo 31 comments

StarCraft: Burning Ground Tech Demo 0.3b Version. (A Mod for Starcraft: Brood War)

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,604)

Hello! I have a question. Can you tell me what are the name of the songs in the BGM? I searched for the artists names in the credits, but I didn't found all of the songs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

For anyone who really wants to know about all units from this MOD (including their original Starcraft counterpart), I've made this list to explain it all. Also I put a legends behind their names to indicate their factions. "(D)" means that unit is owned by Dominion Mercenary, "(K)" is owned by KMC Mercenary, "(U)" is owned by UED, "(-)" means that unit is unused in game, and "(N)" is Hybrid Units. And if you see "(E)" behind the legends, it means that unit is COM Elite Units which only COM can produce it while you can't.

Ok, let's check it out. It will be a VERY LONG list, so grab some food and enjoy reading it :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Marine = Warpig (D)
Firebat = Devil Dog (D)
Ghost = Revenant (K)
Medic = Skibi's Angel (D)
Vulture = Outback Hunter (D)
Siege Tank = Siege Breaker (D)
Goliath = Gremlin (K)

Wraith = Griffon (K)
Science Vessel = Hale's Commando (D)
Dropship = Grizzly Dropship (D)
Battlecruiser = Jackson's Revenge (D)
Valkyrie = Tigershark (K)

Civilian = Civilian (-)
Jim Raynor Marine = Death Head (D)
Gui Montag Firebat = Sentinel (K)
Sarah Kerrigan Ghost = Infiltrator (D)
Samir Duran Ghost = Hammer Securities (K)
Alexei Stukov Ghost = Centurion (K)
Jim Raynor Vulture = Jet Vulture (K)
Edmund Duke Siege Tank = Hel's Angel Assault Mode (D)
Edmund Duke Siege Mode = Hel's Angel Fighter Mode (D)
Alan Schezar Goliath = Spartan Company (U)(E)
Tom Kazansky Wraith = Dusk Wing (D)
Magellan Science Vessel = Icarus Knight UAV (K)
Hyperion Battlecruiser = Kimeran Juggernaut (K)
Norad II Battlecruiser = Loki (D)

Command Center = Command Center (D)
Supply Depot = Supply Depot (D/K)
Refinery = Refinery (D/K)
Barracks = Barracks (D)
Engineering Bay = Engineering Bay (D/K)
Missile Turret = Missile Turret (D/K)
Academy = Ghost Academy (D)
Bunker = Bunker (D/K)
Factory = Factory (D)
Starport = Starport (D)
Science Facility = Fusion Core (D)
Armory = Armory (D/K)

Comsat Station = Sensor Tower (D)
Nuclear Silo = Nuclear Silo (D/K)
Machine Shop = Tech Reactor F (D)
Control Tower = Tech Reactor S (D)
Covert Ops = Tech Reactor B (K)
Physics Lab = ???

Norad II Crashed Battlecruiser = Experimental Gate (D)
Ion Cannon = Tech Reactor B (D)
Psi Disrupter = Experimental Factory (K)
Power Generator = Generator (-)


Probe = Pioneer (U)
Zealot = Night Shade (U)
Dragoon = Chrono Battlesuit (U)
High Templar = Inquisitor (U)
Archon = Saboteur (-)
Dark Templar = Crusader (U)
Dark Archon = Spearback (U)
Reaver = Starbase (-)

Shuttle = Skyhook Lifter Transport Mode (U)
Observer = Spy Drone (U)
Scout = Leviathan (U)
Carrier = Airbone Ark (U)
Arbiter = Vindicator (U)
Corsair = Falcon (U)

Fenix Zealot = Hardaway (D)(E)
Fenix Dragoon = Skykiller (K)(E)
Tassadar High Templar = Igor Offense Mode (U)
Tassadar / Zeratul Archon = Odin (D)
Dark Templar Hero = Skyhook Lifter Generation Mode (U)
Zeratul Dark Templar = The Centaur of Ignis (U)
Warbringer Reaver = ???
Mojo Scout = Warthog Bomber (K)
Artanis Scout = Crawler Gunship (D)
Gantrithor Carrier = Cerberus (-)
Danimoth Arbiter = Mobius (-)

Nexus = Ambassador MCV (U)
Pylon = Power Generator (U)
Assimilator = Refueling Foundry (U)
Gateway = Orbital Strike Center (U)
Forge = Tech Assembler (U)
Photon Cannon = Pulse Assaulter (U)
Cybernetics Core = Battle Lab (U)
Shield Battery = Shield Battery (-)
Robotics Facility = Armor Factory (U)
Stargate = Space Platform (U)
Citadel of Adun = Conduct Base (U)
Robotics Support Bay = Science Facility (U)
Fleet Beacon = Space-Com Bureau (U)
Templar Archives = Strategy Center (U)
Observatory = Observatory (-)
Arbiter Tribunal = Vindicator Tribunal (-)

Statis Cell / Prison = Statis Cell / Prison (-)
Khaydarin Crystal Formation = Khaydarin Crystal Formation (-)
Protoss Temple = Hybrid Lab (N)
Xel'Naga Temple = Xel'Naga Temple (-)
Warp Gate = Warp Gate (-)

* ZERG *

Drone ---> K-SCV (K)
Zergling = Zergling (-)
Hydralisk = Hydralisk (-)
Lurker = ???
Ultralisk = Scrapper (U)(E)
Defiler = ???
Broodling = Disposable Medibot (K)
Infested Terran = Terror Drone (U)

Overlord = ???
Mutalisk = ???
Guardian = Stormcaller (N)
Devourer = ???
Scourge = Cannibal (K)(E)
Queen = ???

Devouring One Zergling = Hammerhead Tank (K)(E)
Hunter Killer Hydralisk = Raptor (U)(E)
Torrasque Ultralisk = Incinerator (D)(E)
Unclean One Defiler = Arachne (U) ---> Full Energy
Infested Kerrigan = Brontes (K)
Infested Duran = Ambassador MCV Pack Up Mode (U)
Yggdrasill Overlord = Assault Dropship (K)
Kukulza Mutalisk = Arachne (U)
Kukulza Guardian = Thor (D)
Matriarch Queen = ???

Hatchery = Hatchery (-)
Lair = Lair (-)
Hive = Hive (-)
Creep Colony ---> Creep Colony (-)
Sunken Colony ---> Sunken Colony (-)
Spore Colony ---> Spore Colony (-)
Extractor = Extractor (-)
Spawning Pool = KMC Barracks (K)
Evolution Chamber = Academy (K)
Hydralisk Den = Merc Compound (K)
Spire = Spire (-)
Greater Spire = Greater Spire (-)
Queen's Nest = Queen's Nest (-)
Nydus Canal = Nydus Canal (-)
Ultralisk Cavern = KMC Factory (K)
Defiler Mound = Defiler Mound (-)
Infested Command Center = Iron Stronghold C (-)

Zerg Overmind With Shell = Zerg Overmind (-)
Zerg Overmind = Zerg Overmind (-)
Mature Crysalis = Sensor Tower (K)
Zerg Cerebrate = Zerg Cerebrate (-)
Zerg Cerebrate Daggoth = Zerg Cerebrate Daggoth (-)
Overmind Cocoon = Overmind Cocoon (-)

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Units / Buildings Not Available in Star Edit

Gerard DuGalle Ghost = Mongoose (K)
Arcturus Mengsk Battlecruiser = Sledge Demolisher (K)

Unused Terran Building 1 = The Jormungandr Artillery (U)
Unused Terran Building 2 = Iron Stronghold (K)

Terran Marker = Arachne ???

Alan Turret = MAAP "Oppressor" (K)
Duke Turret 1 = GAME CRASH !!!
Duke Turret 2 = GAME CRASH !!!
Goliath Turret = Field Devastator (K)
Scanner Sweep = GAME CRASH !!!
Tank Turret 1 = GAME CRASH !!!
Tank Turret 2 = GAME CRASH !!!

Scarab = ???
Interceptor = Liberator (U)

Aldaris High Templar = Igor Defense Mode (U)
Raszagal Dark Templar = Death Head (D)

Unused Protoss Building 1 = Force Field (U)
Unused Protoss Building 2 = GAME CRASH !!!

Protoss Marker = ???

Cocoon = ???
Unused Zerg Unit 1 = Apostle (N)
Unused Zerg Unit 2 = Executioner (N)
Egg = ???
Larva = ???
Lurker Egg = ???

Zerg Marker = ???
Unused Zerg Building 1 = Warpig (D)
Unused Zerg Building 2 = GAME CRASH !!!

Independent Command Center = KMC Starport (K)
Independent Starport = Tech Reactor F (K)

Cantina = Rich Mineral Field 0
Cave = Rich Mineral Field 5000
Cave-in = Rich Mineral Field 5000
Jump Gate = Tech Reactor S (K)
Kyadarin Crystal Formation = GAME CRASH !!!
Mining Platform = GAME CRASH !!!
Ruins = The Centaur of Ignis ???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Porfavor diganme como conseguir al hardaway,incenerator,etc porfavor alguien que diga :)))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


I have a question, when I play this BG mod the fonts look Gibberish.Is there an easy fix to this?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

According to Windows Defender, BG_v2.00 is infected with "Foniad".

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Woah this looks amazing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i searched for the musics on youtube, i found only xeno and dragon teenager, but nothing from maetrorage, or rodoss, or world war III: black gold. can you add the exaxt titles of every music? especially for the first musics of each faction?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I've read the list of the used musics, but i didn't found the dominion-1, kmc-1 and ued-1 musics, so can i ask... what is the titles of theese musics?

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