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5 years later, FX:Commander lives on in Homeworld Remastered. We are revisiting our roots one last time, and are inviting you to come join us in the present-day, Remastered version of the mod.

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In February 2021 it will have been exactly six years since the Homeworld:Remastered Edition was released by Gearbox. Not too long after this moment it also will have been six years since the old FX:Commander mod migrated to the Remastered edition and continued under a new name: FX Galaxy.

Today we would like to revisit where it all began, and invite those of you who didn't make the jump to the Remaster yet to come join us - the franchise is 90% off on Steam and GOG, and we are giving away 3 Copies of Homeworld:Remastered on our Discord server (see the bottom of this post).

Read on to (re)discover Homeworld and continue your past adventures in the modern day FXmod.

15 Years of Homeworld Modding

The FXmod was (and is) an ongoing attempt to tell the story of the 8 main races from the Homeworld Universe in one game, and bring back that sense sense of raw, sheer excitement that defined Homeworld1 (Classic) for many of us. The project began back in 2004 as a simple port made by a group of space enthusiasts on a Chinese community website (9ccn), and in 2006 the first release saw the light of day.

The FXmod fulfilled one of the most requested features at the time: to bring the classic Kushan, Taiidan, Turanic Raiders and Kadeshi from Homeworld1 to Homeworld2. Since its initial release many things have changed: Most of the people that stood at the basis of the FX:Commander mod left, and the work was picked up and continued by a new generation with an increasingly international character. Mod releases began to be localized in English, and the 8 available races were being fleshed out into fully playable factions - each with their own distinct units, abilities, and playstyles.


In the 6 years that we have been hammering away at the Remastered edition of the FXmod we have been able to do many things. We added new systems such as Achievements and Ship Naming. We took advantage of the new textures to remake many existing units in HD, as well as design brand new ones like the Taiidan Battleship.

The Progenitors have their own Fleet Command voice. The Kadeshi, Turanic Raiders, and (soon) Taiidan now have Single-Player missions. We got listed as one of the Top5 Mods for Homeworld Remastered. There is a brand new, 33-stage Challenge Mode with a unique setup, as well as additional gamemodes - have you, for instance, ever tried to play Homeworld in CTF-style?

FX AchievementUpdate

Homeworld - RPG Mode

Our biggest project, though? We have a sandbox-themed RPG take on Homeworld in the works, featuring live-travel between maps, new harvesting and unit production systems, and a big universe with plenty of quests, encounters, and dangers.

We have previously released our first newsletter and some live footage, and are set to release some more previews this year. Our goal is to deliver a first, playable DEMO version before Homeworld3 is released in Q4 2022, and see what we can do from there.

Homeworld Discount & GIVEAWAY

One of the main reasons why people held off on the Remaster was that the base price of nearly $40 bucks may be a hurdle too far compared to what you're getting. But as chance has it, the game often is up for some major discounts - and the Winter Sale is one such occasion. Until January 5 you can pickup the Remaster at both Steam and GOG at a whopping 90% off.

Furthermore, we will also be giving away 3 copies of Homeworld Remastered on the FXmod's Discord server (click the text). It is home to both new players of the FXmod and Homeworld who started in the Remaster, but a good number of familiar faces has also been popping in back as of late.

How to Enter?
To enter the giveaway just drop by our Discord, view the "FX Info-News" channel, and click the Homeworld3 icon beneath the giveaway post there before January 4. !!You must have a Steam Account to enter the giveaway!!. Again, the FX Discord link is:


The winners will be pulled and contacted/gifted early on January 4. That way, you can still pickup the Remastered edition for a mere 5 bucks if you weren't one of the lucky ones, as the sale ends January 5th. If you already have the Remastered Edition, a different winner will be pulled instead.

Happy Holidays everyone, and stay safe. Onto a new year, and new hopes.

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