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After some inconvenient downtime, the Thrawn's Revenge forums are finally back online.

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After the recent server failure, we finally have our forums back up and running. We ask that, since they're back, you please first post/check for bug reports for Ascendancy in this thread before posting them here, since in ModDB's comments.

Click on the fancy picture to go to the forums

There should be an update on some of the direction for ICW 2.2 (and maybe related news for Ascendancy) as well as an overview of Ascendancy patch 0.95 soon.

tomantoman - - 66 comments

Great to have you back!
Any chance for the Wiki to be back up in the near future?

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Axxif - - 403 comments

You mean this?'s_Revenge_Wiki

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tomantoman - - 66 comments

No, of course I mean the Thr.Rv. II Ascendancy wiki linked on this very page (big red button).

Sadly gives out this still, since the day the whole site went down.
[ab69d55f] 2015-02-19 02:07:29: Fatal exception of type MWException
Isn't back yet, but i bet they are working on it.

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The_focusing_gamer - - 50 comments

Hey can anyone help me with this XML editor i'm trying to use

It may be outdated but each time I try to use it I have to re-install JAVA and when it starts up it says

" READ error

Invalid filecontent in filegameconstants.xml
Fix error and restart

The data "-<overrun_auto_resolve_multiple>8.0f</overrun_auto_resolve_multiple> " is not legal for a JDOM comment: comment data cannot start with a hyphen.


Can someone help me fix this error step by step, I have little expieriance in XML editing and only have notepad which I cannot save for some reason, so if you can link me to a good XML editor that has no hidden strings attached I would be really grateful.

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