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Corruption ability is now adopted for Alliance use, and it is called Rebellion. Rebel agents (reworked defiler, minor hero) will spread Rebellion throughout the Galaxy. The oppression of the Empire must be removed!

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Alliance Intelligence Agent /Defiler/ (represented by SpecOps squad in ground battle missions)

spreads: Rebellion /Corruption/

Resistance /Racketeering/

Estabilish an underground intelligence and support network on a planet.

requirements: agent, specforce line battalion, credits

benefits: reveal, salvaging, income

Sabotage /Intimidation/

Destroy a key facility to halt production of enemy war material.

requirements: agent, minor hero / starfighter hero squadron, credits, ground/space battle

unlocks: Capture

benefits: disables planet speciality permanently

Capture /Kidnapping/

Capture and interrogate a high level imperial officer to aquire tactical information.

requirements: agent, SpecForce infiltrator battalion, credits, ground battle

unlocks: Insurgency

benefits: reveal

Insurgency /Bribery/

Creates a diversion to occupy thus block all garrison units from entering battle.

requirements: Capture, agent, credits

unlocks: Revolution

benefits: reveal, no enemy garrison units

Revolution /Corrupt militia/

Ignites an open revolution to free the planet from imperial oppression.

requirements: Insurgency, agent, credits

benefits: use of indigneous rebel units in ground battle, if rebellion is removed, planet is evacuated of enemy units, and all enemy facilities are removed

Space denial /Piracy/

Employs hit-and-run tactics, convoy harassment and captures enemy starships.

requirements: agent, hero starfighter wing, SpecForce marine regiment, credits, space battle

unlocks: Black market, Alliance

benefits: reveal, captured ships, income

Alliance /Slavery/

Enlists the help of Allied Commands and recruits indigneous units from the Sector Forces.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

benefits: unlocks buildable cheap/unique Sector Force and Alliance Starfleet units

Black Market

Buys space or ground units and advanced technology via underground operations.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

unlocks: unit upgrades

benefits: purchasable units, technology research

Imperial Intelligence Agents (minor imperial hero, represented by Storm Commandos squad in ground battle missions) has the remove Rebellion ability.

This video summarizes the strength and tactics of the Rebel Alliance.

OsoDEADLY - - 668 comments

This is actually a very interesting idea, i'd love to see how this plays out. In terms of Piracy and Slavery, I think that "Takeover" or "Takeover Shipyard" would be better for Piracy and "Recruit Militia" or "Independence" would be better for Slavery. Still a great idea for the rebellion as it fits their theme well, great idea!

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Commander_Cody - - 256 comments

Finally can play some realistic rebels' activities~
Really would like to see them workable in game. Nice job:)

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Mitthrawnuruodo - - 261 comments

I don't know how long I've waited for someone to be able to do this idea, I think it might even be easy enough to do, just need to do some scripting, maybe make new maps for each of those abilities on each planets, would be a very good job.

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Khanti - - 452 comments

"This video summarizes the strength and tactics of the Rebel Alliance." This video unfortunately does not summarizes the strength, but only tactics of the Alliance. He said something about millions of Alliance troops but without comparison to Imperials, it means nothing.

Anyway good luck with the mod. It looks promising.

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