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This new version has several new things. One new champ, one new monster set, two new maps and tons of fixes.

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Well, it's that time again. Time to release a new version of QC:DE.

When will it release? April 20th, at 10:00am CST (AKA 15:00 GMT)

Less words, more videos? sure!!

New Champion

New Monster Set

And the almighty changelog.


V1.2.0 (Apr 20 2018)

- New champion: Durandal
- New monster set: Doom 2016 (D4T based)
- Instagib mode now supported
- Buckshot mode now supported
- QCDEmaps: New duel map "Fatal Instinct" by RoosTer
- QCDEmaps: New map "Morpheus" by RoosTer
- QCDEmus: Five new songs. Grabbag, Marathon 2: Durandal theme, G.M.G, Vyper & Wraith.

Quality of life
- Menelkir's minotaur (Dave) is team colored now
- All player jump sounds volume decreased, and limited the range at which they can be heard (was too big)
- Duke's voice volume lowered (was way louder than the rest)
- Spectator: Added powerup timers (mega, heavy, quad/prot)
- Spectator: in duel, you can see at the top portraits, stacks and ability timers for both players
- Rocket's explosions now fade out much faster
- Added an option to turn off weapon firing recoil
- Added an option to turn off weapon firing flash
- Added an option for LG beam transparency in 1st person (Fully visible, 50%, invisible)
- QCDEmaps: The longest yard has a few railings to prevent falling in the LG/SSG/RG platforms
- QCDEmaps: Improved teleporter detection in Bloodrun and Blood covenant

- Duke's active ability projectiles speed buffed
- Duke's active ability projectiles damage buffed
- Duke's active ability freeze players with 5 hits, instead of 6
- Duke's active ability kick damage buffed
- Duke's passive ability gives more health per pickup
- Doomslayer's BFG shot's in-flight melts armor 60% faster
- Doomslayer's BFG shot direct damage increased from 120 to 200
- Doomslayer's BFG shot indirect damage (explosion only) increased from 50 to 60
- Kane's crouchsliding lasts a bit less
- Kane's crouchsliding is slightly slower
- Menelkir's minotaur (Dave) can be frozen by Duke's ability
- Menelkir's minotaur (Dave) takes a bit longer to transition from doll to full minotaur
- Terminator's rockets partially "pierce" Inquisitor's active ability protection (1st stage only)
- Nerfed Ranger's radius of Dire Orb detonation (telefrag detection remains unchanged)
- Zedeks's ability: Direct impact of a gust-projectile deals 50dmg over time
- Zedeks's ability: Direct impact of a gust-projectile pushback greatly reduced
- Zedeks's ability: Burning spot deals increasing radius damage, starting from zero (no more insta 150+ damage when used at point blank)
- Zedeks's ability: Burning spot max damage increased 20%
- Zedeks's ability: Cooldown decreased from 40 to 35 seconds

- Fixed FFA, 1st player not seeing 2nd place in scoreboard
- Fixed Kane playing Doomguy (original doom) xdeath scream
- Fixed Kane's crouchlide being activated in odd situations
- Fixed rare cases of Kane's corpses playing crouchlide sound forever
- Fixed multiple footsteps bug when "sv_forcerespawn true" (no more rompy-stompy)
- Fixed players dropping shards too late when "sv_forcerespawn true", causing them to pick their own death-shards on next life
- Fixed "sv_weaponstay true" not working
- Fixed Sorgaul's active ability not looping the active sound
- Fixed bug where sometimes on killing a player, damage numbers would erroneously show 1000+ damage (note that this damage was never dealt, was only a visual bug)
- Fixed Bitterman's armor-regen-power speed doubling under rare circumstances
- Fixed some active abilities using ammo of current weapon
- Fixed frozen zombieman class monsters not dropping ammo
- Fixed cases in PvE when reaching a new map would decrease ammo for bullets or nails depending on the starting weapon
- QCDEmaps: Longest yard, fixed being able to get to quad from first jumpad instead of going through the usual 2
- QCDEmaps: The chasm, fixed a couple spawns where heavy players would be stuck
- QCDEmaps: Vertical vengeance, fixed geometry that would get players stuck when using jumppads to mid level too close to the wall
- QCDEmaps: Vertical vengeance, fixed Light Champs being able to fall through east door track
- QCDEmaps: Vertical vengeance, fixed doors not playing "door sounds"
- QCDEmaps: Aerowalk, fixed missing sky texture in software renderer

- Bosses (Cyberdemon and Mastermind classes) scale health according to how many players there are in coop
- Added autofilling DM games with bots (configurable in console via sv_minplayers)
- Adjusted DM dropped shards duration from 8 to 10 seconds (as in QC)
- Adjusted DM dropped weapon duration from 10 to 15 seconds (as in QC)
- Adjusted sprite size for players to better match their hitboxes
- CTF: Completely forbidden flag dropping when attempting to use active ability, as it was causing too many issues
- Reworked projectile firing position, to match crosshair better (at slight cost of "visual fidelity")
- QCDEmaps: map introductions disappear faster
- Footsteps attenuation reworked for better directional audio-location

ledernierrempart - - 524 comments

Morpheus map from unral tournament? so cool :D

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Indeed. Quite a fun map :D

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AlphaEnt - - 401 comments

Buckshot and instagib supported? Gotta check that code =P

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Was surprisingly easy :D

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