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In Case it was a Prototype and not the Final Name. I Decided "Escape, Survive the Unknown" is to long so I Rename the Game to Bug Infestation for the End of Prototyping.

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In the Last Time i've done a lot of Work in this Game and invested many Time to improve everything.

The Prototyping come's now to an End.

There are Serval Mechanics i implemented.

In this World you got Bug Holes, small Rocks visualize them and you can Destroy them and prevent them from Spawning new Bugs.

When they destroyed they Visualize it with a different Look and a Particle System.

There are serval Bug Holes i created.

Bug Holes

I Also created Bug Caves, you need to place Bombs to Destroy them. This is one Task you have to do for win the Game/Level. But beware this will not be Easy.

There are also serval Bug Cave Designs you can Find in the Game.


Another View of the Bug Caves

Another View of the Caves

My main Priority actually is to create and design the first Level. There is everyday a Improvement and i will keep working on until im Done.

Saturday Terrain

I Improved this Terrain to this actually, but im still not satisfied about it and i will add more Details. So 1 Day after this Terrain i came up with this.

After One Day

Thats how it look today. Much Better already but there is still work to do.

Follow my Journey as IndieDev, i will keep you Updated on my Twitter Account you can follow me here for daily Updates:

Or stay tuned here on IndieDB i will try to make an Update Article now every Week.

Thanks for your Interest and Support.

In Addition a last Video from killing some Enemies with different Weapons, collect Energy for Reloading Weapons and destroy a Cave

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