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A progress update focusing on Atmocity's resources and upcoming ui work.

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Been having to spend quite a bit of time managing my other two games this week along with day job stuff.
But I have made some progress! I've settled on the resources that will go into the game (possibly there will be additions, but not highly likely):

goods - produced in industry
cereal - produced in cereal farms
legume - produced in legume farms
fruit - produced in fruit farms
processed food - produced in food processing plants, input cereal, legume and fruit

The above resources are required by commercial buildings and residential buildings along with water.
Because Atmocity is a bit weird in that you're not building a city on the ground, you don't build mines for resources etc.
So what there is, instead, is a Water Absorbent Plant for water production and Atmospheric Particle Filtration Plants (dirty but efficient) and Centrifugal Particle Extractors (clean but inefficient and pricey) to filter out particles in the atmosphere. The particles are sand, metal particles and silicon particles.
With these filtered particles as input you will be able to produce concrete, glass, processed metal and electronics that will used to construct buildings and to earn money.
There will also be forests that produce wood (duh) that can be processed into planks.

Recycling plants will also "produce" some of these resources.

With the resources pretty much picked, I will be beginning work on the new and expanded ui. Alongside this work I will be adding in building efficiency, so that buildings that lack fundamental resources like water, electricity and labour won't produce outputs and buildings that lack part of an input will produce less output.

Work on the new building placement code is now also complete. When selecting a building to place, a hologram appears:

The new code also allows for speed placement of buildings - ie, you don't need to click select a new building every time one has been placed. Intended primarily for quick placement of numerous residential, commercial and industrial zones.

I've slowed down work on buildings and will resort to boxing when testing new things from now on. But there are a few new things:

Fifth density of middle class is finished for now.

There is now a hospital building:

And just some other stuff:

That's all progress for this week. :)

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