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Hello everybody! I apologize for the very long wait for this mod! Please continue reading below!

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Hey everybody, it is Xythos - aka Matt. I am very sorry I haven't been active with this mod for quite some time now. I have a very busy schedule - I am managing school, my friends, as well as soccer with this mod. As well, I just have no more motivation to continue working on it due to how ambitious this was and how little help I have. In a few days, I will upload the very FINAL version of the mod that I have. Basically, everyone gets the developers version. There are many new things, some that are from the questionable first release and some that have been implemented over the course of the past year. Unfortunately, this mod didn't end how I was expecting it too. There was suppose to be many more custom maps, more custom weapons, more everything. I guess it is basically a community super-mod. It has a little bit of something from most things (of course with permission.) I am really sorry, but I really appreciate all the support I have had for this mod, I really appreciate all the people who helped with this mod and the people I met here on ModDB. Thank you everyone so much. The final version will be uploaded within this week.


Sad to hear man :\
Good luck with your life :)

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asdasdadsdasdasdasda Author

Thanks man. I might restart this mod or start a new one soon, I'm not sure. I'll be on ModDB every few days though.

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So this is the end of World at War?
V1 will never see the light?

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