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An update about what Version 5 will have, as well as information on how to donate to the mod and what your donations will go towards.

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Now Accepting Donations

I've received a number of emails, private messages, and comments asking how people can donate to the mod and show their support. After getting things sorted out (and focusing on important things, such as the mod!), we now have two means to give donations: Patreon and Paypal.

There are two reward tiers for the Patreon. The first tier, at $5/month, will put your name in the credits of the mod. The second tier, at $10/month, will give you the pink Elite Supporter role on our Discord, which you can find a link to here:

If you are not interested in Patreon, there is a Paypal link on the Patreon page where you can directly donate money.

What does the money go towards?

  • Samples for our in-house music producer.
  • (Possibly) recruiting the original voice actors to do some lines.
  • Promotions via YouTube and other means
  • Other side goals, which will be announced on the Patreon page.

v5 Information

v5 is still in development. Currently we are not in the testing phase, although we will be there soon. In the meantime, I'd like to share some finer details about the new version, which has been progressing along nicely. Most of what I describe has been implemented, although there are still some bugs that will need to be corrected in testing.

For starters, let's talk about the things that have been revealed via screenshots:

  • Permadeath Modes. You now have Player Permadeath and Officer Permadeath modes. The real challenge will be to see if you can complete an entire campaign without any deaths!
  • All Missions. You can now play singleplayer with any custom maps in a new All Missions Campaign, which is something that has been requested.
  • Campaign CO-OP. Help your friends complete their (non-permadeath, non All Missions) campaigns! There are some additional tricks when playing in Campaign CO-OP that don't appear in the regular co-op. For instance, some things (enemies, hostages, and even bombs on Old Granite Hotel) will spawn differently depending on which entrance you take. Also, CO-OP is considered to always be Elite mode, while Campaign CO-OP may be easier. The score requirement is strictly enforced and there are no timers at the beginning or end of the missions - the host can choose to start the mission if people are taking too long to ready up.
  • SAS weapons. You'll now have a total of 40 primary weapons and 20 secondary weapons at your disposal.

Now, for the things that haven't been mentioned...

Snipers will be a lot more useful, going forward. In addition to snipers being present in multiplayer game modes (controllable by the leader), suspects may now randomly wander around the map. Both of my screenshots below were taken without the suspects being made aware of my presence.

A suspect wandering the basement hallway.

A suspect standing guard outside the basement door.

You might ask, how does this affect snipers? Well, when a suspect wanders into the sniper viewport, you are alerted by it, of course. The snipers provide an incredibly useful scouting capability and could potentially save your life by alerting you of the suspects positions, instead of mumbling about suspects who are patrolling in their line of sight.


Another major change relates to Officer AI. Officer AI can now take cover behind objects while they are engaging with suspects. As a result, officers might lean around objects, or duck behind taller objects to avoid being hit (or both!). For the most part, firefights are very short and you won't see this behavior employed very often, but it will help improve survivability of your officers, which is especially important in Officer Permadeath campaigns.

One officer crouching as he attempts to engage suspects above.


That's still not all that this version will provide, and we've already got some ideas in mind for a v6. Stay frosty for the next update, operators.


Hi! Thanks for such a great mod! The "All Missions Campaign" is really nice idea. But is it possible to make a campaign that continues even if you fail the mission (like lost a hostage or else and the only thing to cause mission failure would be your death). And when you finish it you'll get an overall result of your job. That's would be pretty realistic.

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eezstreet Author

I think that's already how it works, if I'm not mistaken? At least that's how it works in multiplayer.

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I mean in singleplayer.

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Does Campaign CO-OP have Officer AI?

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eezstreet Author

It does not currently, no.

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OfficerAI would be cool but should be optional of course...

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That's a whole lot of expanded features here.

I remember when this was a simple minimod you released back in 2015.

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