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Currently i'll be ceasing the monthly releases of the mod and 2.9.5 will be the last one for now until i am done with the remaining abilities on characters and scheduled stuff.

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Hello once more Warriors, today i decided to leave the mod in closed development again for a greater update, as the title says Version 2.9.5 will be the last monthly release for a greater update that i plan by the end of this semester hopefully, where finally the Alliance will show up as a first part of the final content to be added to the mod.

In the meanwhile i need your help to finish the abilities of the remaining characters since i am running out of ideas for them, currently the ones which i completely have no idea what to do for them are:

  • Hossman
  • Mynx
  • Bitterman
  • Xaero
  • Grunt
  • Sarge (actually nevermind this one)

Orbb, PI and Hunter are still pending to be made but the plans is:

  • Orbb:
    Active Ability: Target Lock - For 20 seconds all projectiles Orbb fires will automatically track targets.
  • PI:
    Active Ability: 1000 Knives - For 10 seconds, PI will summon knifes around her that will fly where she is looking at.
  • Hunter:
    Active Ability: Shocking Fury - For 20 seconds Hunter will be surrounded in a electrical field that damages all nearby enemies.

Currently the activity of the page here will decrease again, i invite everyone interested in online matches in Zandronum, talk about the mod or other stuff and recieve news as they appear in the official discord server:

HM Discord Server

naryanrobinson - - 635 comments

I assume you meant,
“...but for a good reason.”

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Zanieon Author
Zanieon - - 197 comments

Aww god damnit! And i was staring at this article for 5 minutes trying to find the error i was feeling i left. Thanks.

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Satobi46 - - 156 comments

Im waiting in this mod btw nice screenshof

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