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One week only after the early acces release, the first update 0.61 is available: new gameplay mode and lots of improvements!

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One week after the early acces release of 3571 The Game, the first update 0.61 is already available: New gameplay mode and lots of improvements!


- New "Training" gameplay option:

  • No permanent death, you will be able to continue your game after being killed.
  • No Best Scores.
  • A few buildings, secret items and enemies are not present.
  • This World Map is specially designed for training.
  • Random Events are limited and won't increase over time.

The new Training Gameplay Mode in pictures:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

- Difficulty level is better balanced. Surviving will stay very hard and hazardous.

-"No damage" treshold reduced. You'll be able to hit stronger opponents with a basic weapon and inflict very small damages.

- Mouse Y invert button added to Pause Menu Options.

- A resources counter & visual guide is now on top of the Build Menu:

User Posted Image

- Breakable objects now throw a Info Message on your HUD.

- Unbreakable objects will also throw a Info Message on your HUD when hit.

- Collision movements when walking on ground items have been slightly reduced.

- Hitting to break objects now also slowly increase XP ( now only in combats )

- Wolves NPCs resistance is slightly reduced ( skills vary from a wolf to another procedurally: some wolves will be stronger anyway )


- Some very rare procedurally generated maps don't allow the player to open the Pause menu during the tutorial.

- In some cases, the save and load system destroys house decorations and duplicates NPCs spawns.

- The Game crashes right after a death in very rare occasions.

- Can't open the builded Gate after a load.

- Some crates and barrels were anormally long to break.

- Music don't launch correctly after loading a saved game.

- Small Dragons have glitchy idle wings animation.

- In some cases, saved mounted rided horse doesn't load correctly

Thanks for reading ! If you want to play 3571 The Game and support its development:

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