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A new compatibility patch will soon be released to make Enhanced 4X fully compatible with Rebellion version 1.1.

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Hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving are nice and stuffed and ready for some more Enhanced 4X action. While E4X 1.45 would technically work with Rebellion 1.1, there was several issues that came up, from missing Strings, to issues with the Competitive Maps, and most seriously a few crash errors when say the Advent Deliverance Engine was used. But worry not, once Moddb is finished authorizing it, Enhanced 4X 1.49 will bring full compatibility with version 1.1, plus some extra goodies I was working on.

The main improvement to the mod will be 6 breathtaking new skyboxes courtesy of Axel Dude's Infinite Space Mod (some of which originated from Sacrifice of Angels II). Unlike Infinite Space however, I did not replace the existing Skyboxes with them, but added them as additional, in addition to touching up how the lighting affects units with them (still an ongoing process). This gives Enhanced 4X 12 unique Skyboxes in its databanks, a record for Sins mods I believe. A classic red skybox from preRebellion Sins also replaced the Green skybox, as the Green Star will be turned into a white star in the future. All the planets should also look a bit sharper thanks to improved planet shaders from Infinite Space, and the Stars now look incredibly realistic close up. If you like these changes, rest assured they are only the first wave, as the planets and planet bonuses from that mod will also be merged into E4X in due time!

There were also some minor balance changes that should have been included in version 1.45, such as increasing the damage of antistrikecraft abilities to reflect that strikecraft now have more health, to a range buff to defense turrets, and fixing a few planets where the mine limit was not properly reduced. A full list of changes can be found at the end of the readme file as always.

Also, since this isn't quite a full new version of Enhanced 4X, for those of you that already have E4X 1.45, a compatibility patch including only the changes of 1.49 will be released so you don't have to redownload the entire mod again (its still kind of big thanks to all those skybox textures though). Those who don't have 1.45 on their machines can download the complete version as normal.


Excellent work, how'd u fix the deliverance engine error? Still getting it on my mod when it reaches the enemy planet .. :(

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GoaFan77 Author

Rebuild the entity.manifest. There's a new Deliverance Engine related buff file. If you don't have a utility to do that already and your manifest is disorganized PM me and I'll tell you what I do.

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Thanks for the tip man!

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