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Let’s welcome autumn announcing our first physical event and showing you whatever we did this summer besides sweating like pigs! GO GO GO

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Hey guys!

How was your sweaty vacation? If you feel a gentle breeze in the back of your necks, enjoy: IT'S US BLOWING YOU COOL NEWS!

1) IndieDevDay 2022

For the first time in centuries, we’re glad to announce we’ll have a physical stand in the IndieDevDay 2022 event on October 29 & 30!

For those who didn’t know about it, IDD is an indie game development event held in Barcelona (Spain). This 5th edition is sponsored by the publisher Devolver Digital, and will have tons of meetups, workshops, conferences, indie game stands and more!

You'll be able to meet us, kick us and also play the improved boss beta our Kickstarter backers tested! (1/3 actions may not be possible)

If you’re in Barcelona during these days, feel free to come by! (Entrance is literally free).

**In case you are a horrible person who lives abroad and don’t want to spend a fortune in transport (how dare you!), no worries: we’ll have a virtual stand in the event website too!

2) New Footage and Materials

Having this event in mind, we’ve worked hard to prepare and update every footage and material we can to show the game as it looks now. That means:

  • New trailer
  • Website content update
  • Steam page content update

We’ll reveal everything once the event date is closer. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT!

3) Development Progress

Besides the event preparation, NetherWorld’s development has continued flowing like a summer day sweat dripping down our armpits (ew):

3.1) More Bosses!

Bosses #7 and #8 are fully playable, but there’s still work to do regarding to final animations.

  • Boss #7 will include a puzzle-solving mechanic and a unique weapon. Here’s how the scenario will look like! [WIP]

  • Boss #8 is a nearly total rework and improvement of the Abbess we showed in the original Kickstarter campaign. That includes explosive fetuses and tons of blood, of course.

We’ll show you more once we have the final assets!

3.2) More Buildings!

The Gas City of Gazhova has several important structures, including the Old Church. We’ve finally finished its exterior, and this is how its top wormlight looks like!

Wanna see the rest of it? Wait for the trailer! ;)

3.3) More Particles!

Travelling to a toxic city like Gazhova means there’s deadly gas everywhere, so we’ve been testing different gas particles to set the mood.

Don’t forget the gas mask in the city!

We’ve also added dust and snow particles to the desert and snow scenarios:

3.4) More Fixing!

Preparing new materials for October’s IndieDevDay hasn’t stopped us from the usual game development. That involved fixing and improving stuff like:

  • Tick Joe minigame minor bugs
  • Zoom system for specific locations and cinematics: We managed to avoid pixel deformations due to resolution, zoom scale, pixel perfect grid or others.

For some, the solution was to stop applying interpolation based on screen size. For others, changing the bulb.

  • Alcohol (and/or other) effects for every drink depending on type and number. Food effects too!
  • Buying system design implementation.
  • Excessive slippery terrains: Medoo is clumsy, but not THAT clumsy.
  • New Autonomous Bird behavior system: Footage soon!
  • Controls changes: “Draw weapon” and “Change selection from multiple objects” keys are separate now.
  • “Conditional Equipped Object” system standardization: Depending on the hat or/and mask you’re wearing -or the object you have in the inventory-, you’ll be able to start or complete missions. Even getting into exclusive places!
  • Strange bug in your Steam account:

That caused not having NetherWorld in your wishlist, but you can fix it easily by clicking the following awesome button!

Aaaaand that's it for now! How was it?

If you have any questions or insults, please comment below or send us a mail to

Thanks so much for your support and see you in the next devblog... or event! :)

NetherWorld team

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