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Start summer checking boss beta comments, discovering Tick Joe's new UI & attacks and what a "Wasted bar" means in the drinking minigame!

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Hey guys!

If summer vibes haven’t reached you yet, you’ll feel them now, honey. HERE WE GO!

No summer vibes, but mosquito bites? Time to have both!

1) Kickstarter Boss Beta Test Feedback's Feedback (and other extremely long titles)

We couldn’t start this update without thanking all Kickstarter backers who played NetherWorld's boss beta (and also happy they liked it that much!). It’s been 2 months since its launch, and their feedback has helped us a lot improving and fixing certain aspects of the fights.

  • Most of them pointed out there was a lack of reloading feedback sounds: FIXED!
  • We’re also working on some visual improvements such as the hallucinogenic gas geysers from The Angry Tree, among others.

2) New Bosses Production

We’re glad to announce that we’ve started the production of the remaining bosses:

  • Bosses finished: 6/12
  • Bosses designed: 11/12

Hope we can show you some cool footage soon!
Meanwhile, here’s some “Making Of” footage from one of Xenus -the Neon Lizard- attacks:

3) Minigames progress

3.1) Tick Joe

We’ve done tons of changes and improvements to this roguelike-ish minigame, so here’s a summary:

  • Enemy behavior polishment
  • New projectile designs (for both Tick Joe + enemies)
  • New block & enemy destruction animations
  • Dash implementation

  • Laser glow addition
  • Health UI implementation (may change in the future)
  • Tile rotation and corner model addition for procedural dungeons
  • 6 unique dungeon & enemy designs implementation* (and more to come)
    *[Click the link to watch the video. We couldn't upload it here, sorry!]

3.2) Drinking tournaments

We’ve been working on the UI as well as testing it in one of the scenarios (you’ll be able to participate in every bar you find).

[WIP] Avoid coffee or your “Wasted bar” will decrease!

4) Polishing animations

Thanks to our procedural pixel arms system, we’ve been adding reloading animations for every weapon.

DID YOU KNOW...? This system is the same we use for object throwing!

5) Story

During the last updates you’ve heard us focusing a lot on minigames and bosses, but what about the main story? Well… We’ve:

  • …finished a quest list system available from the inventory (footage soon).
  • …kept writing the second half of the script. Thanks to having all the game scenes and interactions planned, we can build most of the cinematics without having the final dialogues. That will avoid production bottle necks in the future.
  • …taking advantage of our event system, which allows the game to change weather, dialogues, character design/locations and more depending on the actions (events) completed by the player. [ENJOY A COOL SCENARIO TRANSITION WITH MUSIC CLICKING HERE]

    Some scenarios will look different in many ways when you come back during the story.

  • …been revising all first half of the game looking for bugs and possible scenario&cinematic improvements (still doing it).

Talking about improvements...

Add NetherWorld to your Wishlist and be a part of this crazy journey too!

Aaaaand that's it for now! How was it?

If you have any questions or insults, please comment below or send us a mail to

Thanks so much for your support, have a grrrrrreat summer and see you in the next devblog!

NetherWorld team

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