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This last effort will be all about one big epic battle mission.

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Monthly Update SSS85

Hi! Things are getting difficult financially, so I'm on my last sprint for my project Neon Tail , this last effort will be all about one big epic battle mission.For this week's #screenshotsaturday , I've been working on a new AI which is heavily inspired from EDF's spiders. They jump around and punch you if you're close enough.Still a ton of work to do, like tying the Tricks and Combos to the combat system, along with the energy management, I'll also add invasion pods and another couple of new creatures. Then finally I'll start crafting my last mission.The project will not be stopped by any means, I just need to stabilize my wallet. Not sure yet how, but the project will probably need to pause for a while, unless I somehow get very lucky.Anyway, have a nice week end! 🙂

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