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Hello, General Tantor Here! and today I am excited to announce Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Remastered! Which takes the JKGFXMOD, the Mysteries of the Sith Neural Upscale Texture Pack, Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack and the Enhancement Mod for JkGfxMod (MotS Edition) 0.40 all together in a nice installer!

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Check out the difference below!

Its a major difference! We are still working on getting all the textures updated though... If anyone can help create the rest of the textures upgrades that would be great! Go here and read the details to see what needs updated still: MOTS Texture Pack

Anyways below is the download for Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Remastered!


Just run the installer and select your Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith game directory and configure using the config shortcut and launch the mod! If you have issues please change config settings trial and error will help you get this mod going.


Before you launch the mod you might need to change the configuration. To do this just open up the configuration shortcut. To configure right please refer to configuration guide shortcut.

Check out this video that shows how the installer works and shows some gameplay.

You can also get alternative Icons here:

As always please give your thanks to everyone who has put the work into this!


Jonathan Clark -- jdmclark Creator of the JKGFXMOD without this it would not be possible to have the amazing graphics. This mod pushes this old Game into full 32 bit performance! It is the root of making this mod a reality.

FastGamerr and TreeMarmot creators of the amazing textures and upgraded effects! Without your help we would not have Jedi Knight Remastered! check out there development group: The Secret Order of Sisyphus

Max Thomas -- Made the FOV mod

And this is it guys I created the installer of course which was a lot of work but it was not to bad! I used the Install Creator Program and its a very simple very easy installer that made it easy to make!

Happy Easter my Friends and enjoy Jedi Knight Remastered!

--- GeneralTantor


Nice 👌

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is everything redone??

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I am getting no mouse cursor in the menu, with this installed. Game works fine without it and works well with dgvoodoo as well not sure why the mouse of all things is gone .

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Hey General Tantor,
I followed every step in your configuration file until the "run as administrator" step. When I try to run the game it gives me the message "ERR_CANNOT_LOAD_FILE(some chinese or japanese kanji is in this part of message)t" and after that "did this program work correctly?" reffering to inject.exe
Please help!

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