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MW Mod 4 is now finally here! The new version now adds realistic rocket artillery, controlled by any infantry acting as Forward Observer. It also adds GBU-54 LJDAM and Kab-500KR precision guided bombs, called in using infantry laser designator (JTAC unit). Also included are updates to FLINT engine (3.0), more realistic ballistics, new model for F-22 and the new LAV-AD air defense unit for US faction.

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Modern Warfare Mod Version 4.0.2 is here!

Modern Warfare Mod Version 4.0 is now released for public use, codename "Raptor".

This is a major update to the mod, now bringing rocket artillery units into the networked gameplay model. Any infantry out in the battlefield can now call in fire support from MLRS batteries around the map. Moreover, MLRS artillery rockets can now be intercepted by Phalanx C-RAM and Pantsir-S1 air defense systems.

The mod also adds gliding precision guided bombs, including GBU-54 LJDAM and Kab-500KR, which are called in by JTAC infantry's laser designator. A new short range air defense unit (LAV-AD) has also been added to the US infantry role, which is amphibious (it can also be bought out-of-role by other roles).

FLINT has been updated to code version 3.0, which now calculates all forces acting upon the rocket and further improves performance from previous versions. Additionally, there are numerous generic performance & stability improvements over version 3.x.

With inclusion of the artillery role into the networked gameplay system, we have now finally completed the last remaining puzzle in World in Conflict for portrayal of modern firearms.

NOTE: This mod requires your World in Conflict to be patched to version or it will not work. To patch your game, simply start the game, sign into multiplayer, and it will detect that your game is outdated and patch it.


Choose which type of install you would like to do. Please note that the installer is only compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Not Windows XP.

This is a full version of the mod. Even if you don't have the mod at all this will install it as 4.0. If you do have a previous version, it will update you to 4.0.2.


NOTE: If you already had any version of the maps from 2.5 or onwards you do not need to redownload the maps.

System Requirements

Due to the increasing complexity in the simulation of missiles, aircraft, artillery, and more- Modern Warfare Mod 4 requires a higher-end system than specified on the original World in Conflict system requirements.

These are now the minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or 7
  • Processor: Intel i5/i7 or AMD Quad Core FX
  • RAM: 3 GB or more
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 NVidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon 5870 or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 512 MB or more
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

These are now the recommended system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit (Vista also supported)
  • Processor: 2nd Generation Intel i5/i7 or high-end AMD Quad Core FX
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 NVidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon 6950 or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 1 GB or more
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

At minimum, your system (including video card) must maintain 27 frames per second or higher, and 40fps or higher is recommended for a good gameplay experience. Below 27 fps, numerous homing projectiles may miss their targets or fail to perform altogether. Try lowering your graphics settings if you cannot achieve enough frame rate.

World in Conflict and MW Mod both support multi-threading.

Due to the fact that WiC's dedicated server application (WiC_DS) only runs at 10 frames per second and is incredibly buggy, MW Mod cannot be run on dedicated servers or it will crash.

This means that all sessions need to be hosted by players.

For details on how to host a game with your friends or other MW Mod players, please see: Understanding Multiplayer for WiC MW Mod.

To find other MW Mod players, please join our WiC Clan, and join our Steam group !

Firstly, here are some lists that may be useful:

Complete development changelog follows.

  • Networked Rocket Artillery - Joint Fire Support Network (JFSN) v1.0
  1. JFSN provides coordination between infantry and support players, by networking MLRS rocket artillery units with the forward-deployed infantry.
  2. A radio net is automatically setup behind the scenes while game is running. When an infantry unit (any infantry) or Airborne Squad calls down Direct Artillery special ability, a radio call to all available MLRS units is made, while target area threat and rounds required are assessed.
  3. MLRS units need to "join" the JFSN network by pressing the Defensive Ability. Unit will become immobile, but can relocate as soon as it disconnects from the net. Because MLRS units are highly mobile, recharge time on Defensive Ability is relatively low.
  4. Only a Forward Observer unit (infantry or Russian Command Tank) may initiate an artillery fire. MLRS unit itself cannot be manually commanded to fire. Support players can call their own JFSN artillery by spawning infantry or buying airborne infantry squads.
  5. Only heavy Rocket Artillery units (M270 MLRS and 9K58 Smerch) are added to JFSN. Other artillery units will continue to utilize the existing independent targeting and use by the owning player. Support players that wish to play artillery using the old-school, non-networked style can purchase any artillery unit that is not MLRS.
  • JFSN artillery unit composition:
  1. Russian 9k58 Smerch: Equipped with (6) 9M528 300mm HE and (6) 9M55K1 Sensor-Fuzed Scattering Sub-munitions. 9M55K1 will split open on top of the target formation and release 5 anti-tank heatseeking skeets, homing into vehicles.
  2. US M270 MLRS: Equipped with (12) M31A1 270mm HE with GPS/INS guidance for accurate bombardment. When attacking target formations, computer will artificially enlarge the Circular Error Probable (CEP) into the INS fire solution, so that guided rockets will distribute evenly over the target area. When attacking a single or point/fixed area, GPS guidance is used for precision CEP.
  • PredictorFCS 2.6 gunlaying module. Program can now track & engage rocket artillery projectiles and game ordnances utilizing FLINT system. PredictorFCS 2.6 also introduces gun-to-gun integrated data-link -- incoming target tracks are distributed to each individual gun, in order to deal with saturation attacks.
  1. US Phalanx C-RAM and Russian Pantsir S1 can now accurately engage rocket artillery and incoming missiles (except ballistic missiles).
  2. Both systems will distribute and share target tracks between different guns operating in the same area.
  3. System will track the incoming targets and ignore those that will be flying past them or targets that are non-threatening (targets not flying toward the unit).
  • Joint Targeting & Designation System (JTDS) 2.0 update for aircraft controlling module in game.
  1. Semi-active laser homing (SALH) seekers will now perform true laser point seeking, where they will literally lock onto the source of the laser designation, rather than a designated target unit.
  2. With this improvement, SALH based munitions can be guided to wherever the JTAC infantry laser designator is pointing to. If you lase a blank terrain, a building or a bridge that has no enemy in it, the missile will track that laser spot and hit it. If you lase an enemy target, the missile will go after the target; if you lase enemy infantry, the missile will go after your new target. Wherever the laser points, the missile will now follow.
  3. Man-in-the-loop redirect is now possible with new SALH seekers. If you want to abort your missile's target, simply lase the ground or switch laser onto something else, and the missile will change its flight path to your new laser spot, effectively aborting the attack on your previous target.
  4. GBU-54 LJDAM (semi-active laser and GPS dual-mode JDAM) guided bomb is now added to F-18E Super Hornet aircraft for the US faction. The LJDAM can be launched against point target using GPS/INS guidance. When engaging a moving target, a JTAC infantry must provide terminal laser designation for the bomb to follow the laser spot.
  5. KAB-500KR electro-optical guided bomb is now added to Su-35 aircraft for the Russian faction. The KAB-500KR can be launched against point target using EO (electro-optical guidance). When engaging a moving target, the bomb will lock onto the target using its EO seeker. Laser designation against moving target is NOT necessary! The bomb is "fire and forget" all the way to impact.
  • AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM air-to-air missile now requires the launching aircraft to maintain 110 degrees boresight, in order to receive mid-course updates until the missile goes terminal ("pitbull"). If the launching aircraft goes defensive or otherwise turns around after launching the missile at long range, the missile will lose its mid-course data-link. The missile will then enter into "mad dog" condition where it will try to search for whatever targets is visible with +15/-15 degrees boresight scan zone of the seeker -- in most cases, missile will not find anything and go ballistic.
  • RU Su-27 and Su-35 aircraft now activate evasive countermeasures when an enemy missile is homing into them.
  • Removed mid-course updates on AGM-114L Longbow HELLFIRE missile fired from US Attack Helicopter for Experts. Missile will fly using inertial navigation to the assigned target basket, without any mid-course updates. Once arriving, data-link back to the Longbow radar is established to resolve target deconfliction for simultaneous salvo fired attacks.
  • AGM-114L Longbow HELLFIRE missile now requires the Apache to maintain 110 degrees boresight facing to the missile itself, in order to receive target-deconfliction over data-link. If helicopter turns away, then missiles will lose this data-link and randomly go after whatever closest targets they find, without coordination.
  • Flexible Interceptor (FLINT) Missile Simulation Engine 3.0
  1. FLINT 3.0 now calculates all forces acting upon the rocket -- gravity, thrust, lift and drag.
  2. Completely fixed the annoying bug where missiles often achieved "phantom acceleration" -- where an additional speed or deceleration was gained when control efforts were made by the guidance seeker.
  3. Simulation of gravity bombs and ballistic rockets and shells are now provided for supported ordinances.
  4. 3D Dynamic Launch Zone (DLZ) and Trajectory Equations are now supported by the FLINT engine. The program now has the capability to dynamically estimate a missile's Time of Flight (TOF) (also known as Time to Go or 'TGO') as it travels toward its target. Supported weapon systems (such as Patriot missiles, etc) will now take advantage of dynamic trajectory calculations to issue both engagement and guidance commands.
  5. Angle of Attack (AoA) is now modelled and rendered accordingly to the missile's flight path. When missile makes sharp turns, you'll see that its smoke trail and engine exhaust flare will now clearly show the missile's angle of attack, as it banks sharply.
  6. FLINT system now supports maximum altitudes of up to 2,000 wic meters (twice the height of Mega Map camera view).
  7. Minimum frame rate required to use aircraft is now reduced to 30 frames per second (from 40).
  • Improved flight modeling for tactical ballistic missiles to make them feel more authentic.
  • AI bot players will now call both artillery and JTDS air strikes on enemy targets when encountered.
  • New Unit (LAV-AD) added to USMC/infantry role for mobile short-range air defense. Equipped with Vulcan cannon and Stinger missiles.
  • New detailed model for US F-22 air superiority fighter.
  • Patriot Weapons Control Computer 5.0 program module for US Patriot Heavy SAM system and significant changes to S-300 Heavy SAM:
  1. Patriot system will now calculate dynamic motions in flight when making engagement and guidance decisions.
  2. Following parameters are now taken into account for every engagement:
  • Estimated Time to Go (TGO)
  • Time to Last Launch (TLL)
  • Predicted Impact Point (PIP) for ballistic missile targets.
  • Asset Threat Classification (ATC)
  • Self Defense Threat (SDT)
  1. Hostile aircraft and missiles are now prioritized based on threats made to protected ATC areas on the map. When engagement sequence begins, missile launches are prioritized based on each target track's threat level to protected ATC areas. Targets flying closest toward a protected ATC zone will be engaged first, while non-threatening targets flying away from ATC areas will have their priority reduced or become ignored.
  2. Ballistic missile (TBM) tracks are now calculated with ballistic trajectory equations in accordance with Every incoming TBM track is now estimated with Predicted Impact Point (PIP) -- the location where the ballistic missile is expected to land. If the TBM will not land within Patriot's TBM protection footprint radius (up to 600wm from SAM site for PAC-3 missile, 400wm for PAC-2), the computer will ignore the track and let the ballistic missile fall harmlessly.
  3. Although this feature is not yet provided, the radar processing logic now has the technical capability to calculate and estimate a ballistic projectile's source location of fire. Future versions of the Patriot system in game may provide Counter-Battery notification features to aid the team in countering ballistic sources of fire (heavy caliber rockets and ballistic missiles).
  • LAV-AD added to US faction infantry role (other roles can purchase out-of-role) as Amphibious Short-Range Air Defense.
  • Extended Range Ballistic Missile Launcher added to Russian faction (can reach anywhere on the map, but has huge minimum range).

  • 4.0.1 Update Change Log
  • Commander AI (CAI): Substantially improved game stability when AI players are present. Game no longer frequently freezes or crashes in mid-game like before. - Updated physics properties for numerous guided missiles.
  • RU Air Role can now purchase Ballistic Missile Launcher using the reinforcement menu (900 points).
  • Changes to TWS for AIM-120C and AGM-114L Longbow: The launching unit must now maintain +60/-60 degrees boresight heading to its target in order to maintain mid-course data-link. Otherwise, missile may lose lock, go ballistic or go after an unintended target.
  • Russian infantry and heliborne AA missiles are now upgraded to the 9M343 Igla-S (SA-24) standard. Proximity fuse added (in addition to contact fusing), improved counter-countermeasures and increased off-boresight/all-aspect capability against all low-medium altitude air threats.
  • Fixed a bug with inertial navigation code on US MLRS M31 guided rockets which caused them to stall in mid-air.
  • Added 0.9 second delay before guidance kicks in on both FIM-92 Stinger and Igla MANPADS.
  • Russian Kh-31P anti-radar missiles are now ripple-fired at a higher fire rate (3 seconds per missile vs. 6 seconds).
  • Reduced Patriot SAM's engagement and detection capability against Kh-25MPU anti-radar missile fired from Su-25 at low altitudes.
  • Russian T-62 Light Tank changed to Main Battle Tank (T-72B) unit designation with 3BM46 APFSDS. (Artwork/Model content still pending, currently using T-62 model as stand-in)
  • Optimized game performance a bit when lot of big SAMs (Patriot and S-300) are flying simultaneously.
  • US MGM-168 ATACMS ballistic missile now flies higher at longer distances, making it easier to be intercepted by anti-missile defenses.
  • Improved warhead fusing algorithm of Russian S-300 48N6 SAM against enemy missiles with high closure rates (HARM, ATACMS, etc).
  • Reduced TA cost of US ATACMS ballistic missile launcher to 35-40 TA depending on roles (from 45).
  • Added LOAL-DIR flight mode for AGM-114L and AGM-114R Hellfire missiles, when they are fired from altitude higher than 50 wic meters. LOAL-DIR provides the most flatter trajectory (doesn't loft as much).
  • Russian Ballistic Missiles now fly at altitudes above 1,000 wic meters (wm), reaching up to 2000 wm (leaving the game world box) for long distance shots. Terminal velocities are now in excess of up to 160-230 wm/s depending on range to target. (230 wm/s is hypersonic speed scaled to fit WiC battle space distances. In other words, 230wm/s is roughly MBT/Heavy Tank's main cannon firing distance traveled *every second*).
  • Patriot SAM launch station (LS) turrets no longer need to point directly at the target to fire. Missiles will now make corrective turns as necessary upon launch.
  • New radar unit added to US Support: Ballistic Missile Defense Radar (MDR).
    MDR is a separate Patriot radar that's specifically dedicated to conduct "TBM Search" of the battlespace. The radar's search sector is pitched way upward to scan the sky directly above the battle space. The MDR functions *without* revealing enemy units in game, a critical game balancing factor.

    Because MDR detects incoming ballistic missiles before they even show up in your team's fog of war vision (at altitudes above 1000 wm), it provides the earliest possible warning time to your team, giving you as much time as possible to take evasive measures.

    The MDR also queues Patriot fire units, allowing PAC-3 missiles to be committed early at their maximum altitude, effectively extending the system's defended area by up to 50%. By extending the battle space into high altitude, MDR allows the ballistic missile to be engaged again in the event of a miss (no kill). The unit is effective in providing counter to saturation ballistic missile attacks.

    MDR is activated by using Attack-Ground (press F key then left-click on anywhere on the map) command; it can be temporarily turned off (to evade incoming anti-radar missile) by putting the unit on Hold-Fire (you'll need to issue Attack-Ground command again after putting it on hold-fire).

  • Fixed an issue where AI-owned fixed wing aircraft would flip back and forth while in middle of a straight flight path.
  • 4.0.2 Update Change Log
  • CommanderAI:
    - AI armor players will now actively attack and respond to combat situations rather than sitting dormant.
    - Game CAI will now ignore FLINT missile units flying around in the game world, rather than trying to process them and freezing up the game often (does not affect gameplay) -- game stability is improved quite noticeably.
    - In the absence of priority targets (i.e. tanks), RU support bots will now attack US spawn zones/lodgement areas with their ballistic missiles.

    - US Avenger SAM now has an Offensive Ability: Request for Combat Air Patrol. Similar to JTAC, pressing the Offensive Ability will request overflying F-22s to provide air patrol in the area around the Avenger unit.
    - Widened impact radius for RU BM-21 rocket artillery units.
    - Reduced ammo reload time for RU BM-21 to 60 seconds (from 90).
    - Reduced Airborne Paratrooper out-of-role TA cost for non-infantry roles.
    - Reduced TA cost for US ATACMS to 35 for Air and Inf roles.
    - Increased front and side armors for RU T-72B MBT.

    FLINT Missiles:
    - WICO_FLINTMover interface: Optimized missile mover path-finding checks -- significantly improved frame-rate/game performance.
    - Significantly improved S-300 tracking and engagement performance against maneuvering surface-to-surface missiles (ATACMS).
    - Rewritten missile flight trajectory for US Patriot SAM PAC-2 GEM/T and PAC-3 MSE missiles. Missiles will now properly perform lofted ballistic flight path resembling "S" curve shaped trajectory just like in real life.
    - All missiles employing lofted flight profiles will now maintain continuous high-AoA control input throughout their pitch-up maneuvers.
    - Rewritten MGM-168 ATACMS flight trajectory -- the missile will now truly perform hard maneuvers in middle of its flight; rather than flying straight toward the target, it will perform programmed maneuvers by flying through far sides of the map. The missile behaves as a 'maneuvering re-entry vehicle (MaRV)' when it reaches terminal stage of its flight.
    - AIM-9X will no longer track the enemy target when fired Lock On After Launch (LOAL) using Cobra (it wasn't supposed to in the first place; was a game bug).


Downloading now. Thanks for the release, and good job as always!

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I've never played this mod before, it kind of looks to complex for me to get into now.

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blahdy Author

It's not. We put lot of details into change log, but the actual gameplay is ridiculously simple. Ofcourse, if you are a military freak, understanding these tiny little details will give you unfair advantage against your opponent!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You, sir, are awesome. From a former WiC Modder - the game that will always be on my heart - I salute you. You have taken the game and it's modding to a whole new level (just read your blog post). This is what modding really is. And you've done. And, most important, you are still doing it.

It's amazing to see that you and WiC are still going strong.

We may never see WiC 2, but WiC MW can be considered it's sequel.

Keep it up! My fingers are itching to reinstall WiC just to play the mod.

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PS: I know we all had our differences in the past - actually it was a very fun re-read over the Massgate forums, too much e-drama. But I hope we're all way past that point.

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blahdy Author

Yup, we're all past that now, it's all water under the bridge.

Glad to see you back, now go and reinstall WiC!

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What is this mod even for?

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I miss the Fun Mod. :C

But this mod is great! I like games like Arma, so dun get bunbun wrong. I'm kind of hoping, Blahdy, you'll make another mod that has the spirit of your old Fun Mod in it. I didn't care much for the farting dinosaurs mind you, but the gameplay was very classic RTS with all the fixins.

Anyway, great work!

Also maybe some day you'll be able to work on your own military game! Just be a little more creative and make the opposing force something other than borin' ole Russia.

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It's a shame a cant play this mod, my laptop can't handle wic:( wish a still had my desktop

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The AI seems lacking in this version, it hardly ever calls in reinforcements, is this just happening to me?

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Yup, the AI do not call any reinforcements... Sometimes, only 3,4 of 7 AIs play...

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It looks so professional l really enjoyed WiC... Is just I shame I never got it!

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This version of MW is superbly made! Thank you very much for this mod! You have done an excellent job blahdy21 and the team! Cheers from Philippines!

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blahdy Author

thanks! :)

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Tell me that would help me play world in conflict Modern Warfare Mod made ​​to be played.
Need to load something?
I am back in the steam. I think it helped me loads.

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Really nice mod! Thank you! But it seems that the network arillery does not work for me. I activate the artillery defense ability and target an enemy with the infantry (with the ability) but then nothing happens. Do I miss or forget something? Maybe there is a problem with the german version of the game?
I would appreciate any help

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how to use networked artillery unit i tried everything and nothing help please reply me!

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You guys are amazing! I'm an actual Fire Support Officer in the US Army currently deployed to Afghanistan, and during the little downtime I have I was feeling like playing World in Conflict all over again. It is AWESOME to see that you guys added the entire fire support channel in this mod! JTAC's, FO's, it's crazy. You guys rule. Thank you for not forgetting about us 13-series Soldiers and Air Force JTAC's on the battlefield who save the infantry's *** daily ;)

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blahdy Author

Always glad to see those from active service enjoying our mod. Thanks! :)

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