I am a faithful country-man of The Russian Federation. When I am not busy studying Business marketing during the day I play on my PC at night. I am a huge fan of Warhammer 40K and of any game that has Russia in (THE GAME) or is associated with Russia.

I believe that with communism gone we can move into a new era of peace and prosperety. Now Russia's only goal is not of World domination but of fighting Terrorism. And if anyone or any country fears Russia because they still think that we are the bad guys then I feel sorry for you. We had our chance to "take over the world" like many Americans would like you to belive during the Cold War when the USSR was at its strongest. Since we 'lost' the Cold War why would we ever think of starting World war 3?

May GOD Bless Russia and all those who live in our Great country! Amen.

Motto: Any Mission, Any Time, Any Place.

PS. Peace, through power.

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Date: 18 July 2012, 04:23 - 17:01.

Current time: 13:39

Location: GPS

Co-ordinates 51°24'36.86"N 30° 3'3.77"E, Pripyat,

Operator: Major Stukov, Major with the Ministry

of Defense, Airborne Forces.

Opperation: Basilisk Hydra.

Details: To extract Extremely High Value Target

(EHVT) designated "Gamma five".

Insertion Method Halo jump from Ilyushin

II-75MDM, to outskirts of target area Pripyat.

What follows is the

recorded data from major Stukov's head camera, radio chatter and voice


----------------- ----------------- --------------- -------------

Major Stukov: "All right Spetsnaz, we need to reach our
objective apprehend the target and call in our local assets for
extraction ASAP. Remember our creed? "

Remaining Spetsnaz: "Any Mission! Any time! Any Place!"

Master-Sergeant: "That's rite Spetsnaz, now lets take this
bastard guard dogs out and retrieve the

--- 42 Minutes pass as the remaining four Spetsnaz operators move
into position across from the target building. To get to the target building
they cross 200 meters of open ground riddled with pockets of lethal
radiation and anomalies. The Master Sergeant and the Major (the two officers)
are the only operators fitted with gear to detect anomaly signatures. Both
the Master Sergeant and the Major are also equipped with
well maintained but battered "AS VAL" assault rifles. As
the party meticulously crosses the open ground sticking as close as possible to
the shrubbery and bushes they rely on their experimental "Spectre
Pattern Texture" camouflage to conceal them in the undergrowth. This
camouflage is the latest camouflage that
the Russian Ministry has issued its most Elite troops of the Russian
Federation. Eventually after several close calls with radiation, anomalies and
a couple of "Tushkano" (Hamsters) scuttling past the four
Units, they reached outskirts of the building. The Unit takes up
positions on the edge of the brush and await their Majors command.

Major Skukov: "Alright, Spetsnaz Two you are with me. Spetsnaz Three
(Sniper), you and the Sergeant will head to the building three blocks right
across from our target building and lay down covering fire, as soon as you take
out any Gaurds with the VSS and are either detected or the hostiles become
aware of us."

---- AS the Major and Spetsnaz Two are equipped with an AS VAL and
an An-94 respectively both of them have PSO-1 scopes attached to them. The
Major and Spetsnaz Two both remove their weapon scopes and store them in their
tactical vests. As this will be a CQB battle within the confines of the
building the Major and Operator will both need to make use of their
Iron sights instead of their Scopes. The AS VAL is a weapons with a
built in suppressor and as such the Major has no worries of
stealth issues, Spetsnaz Two however takes out a Suppressor from
his vest and proceeds to attach it to the weapon. Now that both operators
weapons are suppressed they wait for the Master Sergeant and Spetsnaz
Three to get into position. Time 14:21. At exactly 14:39 and 53
seconds the engagement begins.----
----------- ---------- -------------

Major Stukov: "Are you in Position Sergeant?"

Master Sergeant: "Affirmative sir."

Major Stukov: "Then execute, Basilisk's Fire. Spetsnaz Two get
ready, we move in in five, four, three, two, one..."

---------- Spetsnaz Three steadies his aim and rests the inverted "V"
of his VSS on the first targets head. He squeezes the trigger ever so
gently, as if a snake coils around a rats body, he know that the Sergeant will
want to get more kills then him but he is determined not to let the old war
Veteran beat him. He fires, and as the bullet enters subsonic speed the
Sergeant fires a millisecond after him. Both shots hit their mark at over 150m
away and as the bullets punch a small, neat little hole if front of
the targets gas masks, the exit wound blows out in a shower of
gray brain matter. Three more times the two Spetsnaz marksmen fire
and six more bodies slump like sacks of shit being dropped, as the life
exits the men and their legs give in to dead weight. -------- -------------
------------------- ----------------

Major Stukov: "Keep running Soldier, we are almost at the

(Both the Major and his fellow Comrade put three holes into the chests of the
two men guarding the door, as they slumped into the sandbag
"S" shaped of the entrenched position four
more guards happened to be exiting the building and
see the two objects running towards them in a low crouch)

Major Stukov: "Hostiles exiting the door, Spetsnaz Two use your

(Spetsnaz Two skids to a halt and aims his under-barrel grenade
launcher, he fires his GP-30 containing the VOG25 grenade. The
grenade hits the sign just above the men that reads,
"Safety First' in Cyrillic. All three men crumple to the floor
riddled with high velocity shrapnel holes in their heads and upper
torso. One of the men is missing half his head due to the fragments shattering
his skull like a imploded egg.)

Major Stukov: "Nice aim private!" When we take this bastard into
custody I'll see about your application to enter the
officers academy."

Spetsnaz Two: "Thank you sir, you really should meet my father, as he won
the 'Hero of the Soviet Union' Medal in Afghanistan and the Hero of
the Russian Federation in Chechnya."

Major Stukov: "Yes, your father is a brave man and a beloved Colonel among
the men, I hear."

-------- Both the Major and Spetsnz Two take up tactical positions near the
doorway, (the sound of standard military issue boots can be heard falling on the Concrete floor)
The Major throws a flash bang while the Operator tosses two F1
grenades in either hand.AS the loud boom of the 'flash bang' echoes across the
afternoon winds the screams and gasps of shocked men can be heard directly after
the noise. The first F1 Grenade lands directly behind the point man and
the second skids to a stop as the heel of the of the last man in narrow hall
way. A dull crump could be heard as Spetsnaz Three and
the Sergeant continue to eliminate the startled men pouring out of
the upper Corridors of the large Soviet apartment. Meanwhile as the
Major and his Comrade storm the building and finish off
any Survivors in the close quarters of the building
with knives and Sambo skills learned and honed from the long brutal years of service
to Russia's deadliest warriors. ---------- ----------

----------10 minutes pass -----------

--------- ------Eventually the two Spetsnaz operators reach their target room.-------- ---------

Major Stukov: "Ok, you stay outside while I apprehend this bastard. Thats
an Order!"

Spetsnaz Two: "Yes, SIR!"

-------- -------The Major enters the room and creeps towards the inner room.
There is a sickly green light flooding out from under the door. AS the major
kicks in the rotting wooden door he throws in a flash bang. When the
Major enters the room he is clearly shocked at what he sees as his heart rate
rises, which is unusual since his heart rate is already high after the
initial adrenaline Rush. The Major drops his weapon and sinks to his knees...
Transmission registers interference and
cuts out all electronic equipment. Just before
transmition loss, A high spike of Psy Emmision is registered by
the instruments of the Spetsnaz Major. --------------

---------- ---------- The following is a detailed report of the Major and
what he Claims to have happened in that room before and after
transmission loss. ------------------- ------------------ --------------------

Major Stukov: "What in name of Go... .. Aaaarraaaraa...."

General Veronitsev: "Ah Lieutenant, Stukov, its such a Pleasure to have
you here."

Major Stukov: "What,
wh...wha...t... ...a.re... ...y..ou?...Wh..y. ..is...m.y.....
su..c..h....a.. ...high....do..s.e... .of...Psy....ener..g..y?"

General Veronitsev: "Because I am a god now, and I have been transformed
into the Zones Image. I am not the first nor the Last to be given
this gift. I am however the Newest and most powerful yet to come.
Glory be to the Monolith and all its gifts. I have been transformed by one of
the many gifts the Monolith grants us. What made me into what I am that stands
before you is called a 'Controller shard'. It can be defined as an 'artifact',
just of of the things this holy Lands infestation known as Stalkers have come
to call it. These so called Stalkers are a blight on our Holy Land

Major Stukov: "Y.ou...m...ean...Radia.. tion....not...radi...ance..."

General Veronitsev: "Blasphemy! You shall die cur. You may have served
under me in another life time Lieutenant but do not mistake me to be the
same person as before. i have shed my old flesh to be given new flesh. And
as such I can now control all the creatures in the Zone as

Major Stukov: "You...hav...e...go..ne...m...ad...To...thi..nk
that...I...once...call.ed...you...comrade ....THAT...I....once...considered..you...as ...a...F.R.I.E.N.D!
I shall not let you harm the people of this world! I SHALL BE THE END OF

(I stand up using all the willpower I can summon and try to block out the
thoughts of the Controller)

General Veronitsev: "NO IMPOSSOBLE! You and your heathen followers shall
be stopped!"

------------- --------------- -------------- ---------------- ------------
------------ ------------------- ---------- -------------------

Master Sergeant: "Major? MAJOR! COME IN MAJOR!"

Spetsnaz Three: "Sir I have this terrible feeling that something terribly
wrong has happened."

(A shallow breathing sound can be heard from behind the two operators
----this gear has not been affected by the PSY emmisions and is
still, partially functional-----)

Master Sergeant: "Hush, be quiet! Do you hear something?"

----- Both Operators look at the doorway to the room where they are operating
from. The Russian made claymore mine "MON-50"
lies undisturbed where it was set up at the doorway to trigger
if someone stepped on the trip wire.

[When the mine explodes it triggers a frontal blast shaping the explosion of shrapnel
and metal ball bearings in a "C" outwards curve, with the
Mine being in the center of the (C) <---]

But as the two Spetsnaz Soldiers look directly at the mine, the breathing
sounds get harder and suddenly out of thin air, the trip fire gets tension and
the firing pin springs off the "MON-50"
Claymore. Suddenly a loud thump is heard echoing across the
now eerily dark City of Pripyat. The two operators stare in
horror as at the thing lying before then missing everything from the
waste downwards that was shredded into oblivion by the MON-50. The
thing materialised out of thin air and looked roughly Humanoid in posture, the
only thing that made it seem totally nightmarish was its
dark predator eyes and the four blood
red tentacles sprouting from its mouth. AS the two men recover
their wits, they each let out a slow breath which they both held.

Spetsnaz Three: "Sir Permission to speak freely?"

Master Sergeant: "You may, SURE AS HELL NOT! Shut your mouth, and pack up.
We are getting the hell out of this building and getting to the Major
for Extraction."

Spetsnaz Three: "But sir, our orders say to stay here,
provide over-watch and cover the Major apon exiting with the Package.
And besides that the FUCK was that thing?"

Master Sergeant: "I am countermanding those orders and trusting my gut
instinct. Its saved me many times before and I am not gonna
stop listening to it now. Now get you repelling gear out
and hook up to that re-bar metal pole jutting out of
the Concrete. "

------- As Spetsnaz three fastens the two ropes to the re bar pole he
jerks his thumb up to show that they are both securely tied, and it
is safe to begin repelling down the ropes.
Just then as the Sergeant is fished checking his harness to see
if he is securely fastened so that he can check if Spetsnaz Three is
also safely clipped from his harness to the rope, the
operator who is still glued to the same spot doing his final harness checks
suddenly jerks his head up and stares in horror at the Sergeant. Before the
sergeant has a change to ask what is wrong the operator spins around and starts
firing on full automatic with his VSS. At first the Sergeant thinks that the
Private has gone made from all the pressure, when suddenly the sees
the subsonic bullets hitting the wall at the outside wall while
also splattering the wall with blood. AS the firing pin clicks in the
weapons to notify the user that the weapon is dry and out of ammunition two
bodies rematerialize rite before the Spetsnaz private and hit the ground
with their chests blown apart. Three other Mutants also
rematerialize before the Private with his now empty
and useless weapon, and grab him. As they dig their tentacle mouths into
the privates face and find only a PMK gasmask to sate
their appetites they howl in anger. The Private fumbles for
his MP-443 Grach pistol and shoves it underneath the central mutants jaw.
As he pulls the trigger and blows the mutants head apart the two other mutants
tear off the PMK gas mask. Its rubberized harness
and fasteners snapping under the beasts
sharp serrated claws. The private manages to shoot the mutant on the
right before the left mutant sinks his tentacle face into the
privates cheek. the tentacle raps around the privates face and draws
blood as soon as the tentacle teeth sink into the soft flesh of
his unprotected face. The private gurgles a suppressed
scream as the mutant begins to suck his lifeblood out o him.

Finally the Sergeant breaks his terror and aims his AS VAL rite at the mutants
face. He knows that this mutant is a Bloodsucker and that they can drain
a victim into a mummified husk within a few minutes. The
Sergeant double taps the Bloodsucker in the head and kills it. AS he rushes to
the Private the Private spins around and stands with his
back against the open doorway. The private hovers above the floor as
his feet no longer touch the ground. The Sergeant stares in puzzlement at why
the Private is defying gravity and is floating above ground when before
he realizes why, the answer is revealed to him. Two
Bloodsuckers become visible behind him and they
are reviled as the culprits holding the Private between the
sholder blades. The Private stares at the Sergeant and reaches for
the grenade pin on his vest. He slowly mouthed to the Sergeant
"Tell my Mother I died Protecting her and the Motherland." The
private then pulls the pin. The Sergeant gives a quick salute, his mouth
forming a sad smile, and spins on his heel to run towards the open window. AS
he jumps he knows that the five remaining "MON-50"
claymores and four grenades, and remaining ammunition are about to
kook off then the one F1 grenade explodes. His fall is violently
stopped when the rope tightens and he slams into the side of the apartment

------------------- --------------------- ----------------- ----------
--------------- --------------- ----------- -------------- --------

Major Stukov: "I...was...ordered....to br.i..n..g...yo..u
in...But...seeing...that...you... won..t....go...quietly...I...am... just...going....to....have ...to...k..i...l..l....YOU!"

(Seeing as how I had dropped my weapon and it landed out of my reach
I had no other firearm except my MP-443 Grach to end this nightmare

General Veronitsev: "Do not think that I will be so easily
sopped, Lieutenant! I shall turn your Comrades against you and
you shall know my power."

(Just as I lifted my pistol to take the bastard out a hand reached behind me
and threw me over it onto the floor.)

Major Stukov: "What the hell? Spetsnaz Two, what the FUCK do
you think you are doing? What trickery is this, Mutant?"

General Veronitsev: "your comrade is my puppet now! I have zombiefied him
with my Psy powers and he is mine to command now. Just like I commanded you and
the rest of those pathetic conscripts in Chechnya to their deaths. A
soldier is nothing but a bag of meat and nothing more. An expendable
pawn on a chessboard that can be used as cannon fodder while the higher
ups and Generals grow rich, have their way, and
sit comfortably in their Dachas hording their spoils of
war. Your Blood and the Blood of so many Russian boys who played soldier was
spilled to nourish the land in that cursed country, and now after I am done
with you I shall help the Zone expand tenfold so that not even those in Moscow
will be safe from the glory of the Monoliths gifts! Russia shall be
the first to fall to the Holy Monolith and then the whole world shall
know the Zone is the Holy Land!"

Major Stukov: "You have gone mad with power! This Monalith is nothing but
an Urban legend, a folklore! It is you who are truly evil and I shall
not let you do this. I am a Major of the Russian Federation and you shall be
brought to heel!"

General Veronitsev: "You can try, but then I think that your comrade would
not agree with you. Kill him my puppet and be done with it."

Major Stukov: "I don't want to do this Private, but I will if I have to.
If you can hear me fight it, you are Spetsnaz! You are a
superior warrior with nerves of steal and a history rich in warriors
who fought and have died for the Motherland, do not let thing
thing control you so!"

General Veronitsev: "HA HA HA!!! It is hopeless, you are speaking to
nothing but a shall. The comrade you knew before is gone. this one, is
now my herald and you shall be his first victim of many.
Now kill him my champion. I tire of this game."

Major Stukov: "if that is so then i shall not hold back! I shall cut you
down where you stand and after I am done with you, you shall find yourself
stuck on my blade MUTANT!"

(AS I fought the Private, we both scored many blow both with our fists and with
our knives. I had lost my pistol when the former
Private tossed me and it was too dark to search for it. It had begun
raining outside, and Pripyat looked even more gloomy then usual. This
would be a good way to die. I would die with honor and with a knife
in my hand. I would die fighting and even if no one knew of my sacrifice, as
least I did not cower in fear as death came to take me. I would die like a man,
and more importantly, I would die as a RUSSIAN!)

Major Stukov: "Why won't you die!? I must have stabbed you
twelve times in the neck and still you come at me!"

General Veronitsev: "This shell knows no pain! Its nerves that
once told its brain that it was in searing agony is of no use to it
now. All it can do now is fight, eat, and rot!"

(As my strength began to drain from my multiple stab wounds that
managed to find a hole between my armor plates and my Ballat Bullet proof vest,
I was not going to die of a single stab wound, but of
many tinny little stabs to my legs and arms while I eventually bled
out slowly. Finally the Private scored another direct hit on leg and as I sunk
to my knees, I could already feel faint from the blood loss, and the burning
pain in my calf muscle where the knife was thrust in wasn't helping

Major Stukov: "I would have killed you twenty times over, if only this had
been a fair fight. But then life isn't fair and neither is death."

General Veronitsev: "Hope is
the beginning of disappointment Lieutenant. There is no, hope,
or mercy or good in this world. There is only the Monolith."

Major Stukov: "I am no longer your Lieutenant! I AM A MAJOR OF THE RUSSIAN
180th. My only regret is that my men had to die for nothing and that I could't
sink my blade into your cold black heart!"

Master Sergeant: "Then I have come to give you your final wish
Major. And as for you mutant, You may go to hell, but I go to Moscow!"

(AS I lay bleeding all over myself, my lifeblood seeping deeper into
the irradiated cement of the apartment building, I looked at at the
Former Private with a perfect fiend of view. My PBF Gas mask was torn off
during the fight and lay with its rebreather shattered ,by a brick,
on the floor near me. I saw the private rush towards the sergeant only to have
the sergeant shoot him in the knee caps with His MP-443 Grach pistol. AS
the Private came crawling toward the Sergeant I say him step down hard on the
Privates hand pinning the knife down and crushing the bones and
knuckles of his hand. He then gently bowed down, gulled of the PMK Gasmask and
looked his former comrade in the eye. The former soldier was gnashing his
teeth together and had eaten his own lips off. The Sergeant
then stood up straighter then I had ever seen him stand before hand fired two
shots into the skull of the man. As my vision was beginning to blur,
I saw the former general-now controller mutant turn angrily towards
the Sergeant and scream in a deep booming voice. The Controller pulled his hand
back and meant to thrust it towards the sergeant as if attacking him with
some invisible force but
the Sergeant reacted quicker then i have ever
seen him react. And empty his pistol into the face of Veronitsev. As
soon as the magazine clicked empty he hit the release
and slapped home another once and repeated the process. He did this
three times in all. By the time he was done there was nothing left of the
former General but a grisly corpse riddled with bullet holes. It was at this
point that I blacked out.)

Contact restored with Master Sergeant of Spetsnaz detachment (Censored) sent
into ZONE for extraction of package code named Hydra


As I regained my vision and came to the first thing that
I remembered was being carried on the back of a man. He was a
powerfully built person who's uniform was a bit burned and he smelled of death,
or at least the inside of the PMK gas mask did that I discovered was tied to my
face. I had lost mine and the good sergeant has the sensibility
to retrieve my former dead subordinates Gas mask as he no longer
needed it where he was going. I looked up at the sky as rain drenched us both
in cold rain. We were walking through the City, Pripyat, and
I realized, a sad thing. 50,000 people used to live here, and now it was
a ghost town. What is the time sergeant I remember asking. I sergeant
stopped and thought about this for a moment but all he had to do was look at his
watch, however as he was carrying me on his back that was
an impossible task without letting me fall from his grip. Spetsnaz
soldiers where trained to carry large pieces of wood/tree trunks
(Among other things) on their backs as part of their rigorous training
regime. So what time is it? I repeated. "Its time(sigh), its time to go
home sir." I started laughing the sound ugly coming through the PMK Gas
mask. And how do you think we are going to do that? "Honestly sir?
Seeing as how we lost all our gear in that ASS FUCK of a
fight I honestly don't know. But I was thinking of just carrying you
on my back all the way to Moscow." We both laughed at that. Then there was
a moment of silence as the thoughts of what we had just experienced washed
over us like waves washing over the rocks of Lake Baikal. We had lost all our
squad members and close friends. We had lost our Comrades but we had completed
our mission. The former General was dead and any secrets he had that the FSB
wanted to get out of him were berried with him forever. "He was
to dangerous to keep alive." the sergeant said. I know. And beside I would
have stuck my blade into his heart anyways. I replied. "So
we have no way of contacting 'Tyver One' sir?" None that I am
aware of. I suddenly realized dawned on me that we were most
probably going to die in this Misery. Its been an honor serving
with you Maser Sergeant. "No sir, the honor has been all
mine." Then suddenly the drainage pipe
in front of us began to rattle and there was
a sound coming from beneath it as something was trying to escape for
it. The sound grew loader and the banging became
more intense as the rusted drainage pipe began to creak. The
sergeant dropped me almost as soon as we heard the noise.
I winced in pain as I fell and the wounds that
the sergeant had dressed with the med kit tore open gain
underneath, while fresh blood sprang forth for form new scabs so as
to start the heating process again. The sergeant
had supplemented my MP-443 Grach pistol magazines for use in his
pistol since he was out of ammunition, and it was the only operational weapon
left to use since my AS VAL was crushed underneath the
General Controllers feet. AS I lay on the floor trying
to concentrate to ignore the pain that my long years in training with
the Spetsnaz had tough me(AS you learn in the SPETNSAZ that pain
is just weakness leaving the body) the Sergeant covered the
rusted sewer pipe manhole. Then finally the lid popped off, that made
the sound of a wine cork being pulled off, as years of stale air drifted to
the surface after its escape. Then suddenly and Miraculously Spetsnaz
four emerged. Hold your fire Sergeant! I screamed. "I know sir, I can see
that it is Spetsnaz Four, I may be old but I am not blind." "Its good
to see that you two are getting along as always, sirs." said Spetsnaz
Four. How on earth did you survive Soldier? I asked. "Well sir
after I realized that the building was collapsing I thought
that I was going to join good old Arcady in Heaven. Then after the
building collapsed and I realized I was
still alive I made my way deeper into the sewer system. I encountered
more of those mutants..." Major Sergeant: "They are called Snorks
soldier." "Ok Snorks then, after I killed myself more snorks then i
can remember I began running low on ammunition, so I eventually switched
to my sidearm. I also expended my MP-443's ammo and in turn the
rest of my grenades. Eventually I was only down to my standard issue
combat knife. And so up until ten minutes ago when I threw my last
grenade at the Snorks, and some really large rats which kinda remind
me of Hamsters from my childhood years, I found this drainage hatch
and climbed up." So that's why you look like you
just climbed through a meat shredder? I barely recognize your
uniform as its nearly torn off your damn body. (I coughed up some blood.)
"Sir wee need to get you some medical assistance." Replied Spetnaz
Four. Don't bother soldier. I said. We don't have the equipment to
contact our Assets. Our best bet is to make contact with the local Ukrainian Military guarding the
Zone and then make contact with Tyver one. "Sir, don't
you remember?" "Remember what soldier?" Asked the
sergeant? "Arcady...I mean.... Spetsnaz one had the Communication
kit." And what of it soldier? I asked. "Well sir, it so happens that I
managed to relive him of it and I have it with me." "Well then why
didn't you say so?" Asked the Sergeant. All right lets call in
the Mi-26 extraction helicopter and their supporting
Mi-28 escort's and get the hell out of this hell hole.

At exactly 17:01, the Mi-26 extraction helicopter landed to take
us home. Its two Mi-28 gunships provided us covering fire and shot
its 2A42 30mm cannon at the Mutant hordes of Priyat who got to close to
the sound of helicopter roter blades. AS the Mi-26 lifted off and began its way
back to the Russian Base in Sevastopol, I swear I saw a Controller standing on
the roof of the building and Smiling with the 'Controller shard' in its

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Want you to know I'm American born and raised and love Russia over my homeland. Vlad Putin is a hero of mine, and I can't stand the constant disparaging of your nation in my home culture, especially after Russia's Great Patriotic War. I mean, have you seen "Red Dawn"!?!?

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Batguerra - - 174 comments

Nice COD4 image!

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Creator
Spetsnaz_Reaper - - 738 comments

Thanks, it was my friend who rag dolled when he died and fell in this position. It was just luck!

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Creator
Spetsnaz_Reaper - - 738 comments

Sorry English is not my home language so please excuse the spelling mistakes in the blog.

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d4v33edz - - 3,070 comments

Cool story, will visit again to see how it develops.

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