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Just a proyect for SC and SC:BW, to get all the potential of the StarCraft engine. (For the mod just look for Starcraft: V )

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Hello everyone.

During some months i have been studying what are the capabilities of the SC engine.

Some things can be done, other things no. But, personally, i think that we can make an excelent work for the StarCraft universe.


There are many SCII mods for SC:BW.

There are many others that shows the potential of the engine:

SC: Revolution mod

SC: Burning Ground

SC: Dawn of Change

Just to mention some

I propose a well organized project, based on the following stages of development:

1a.- Graphic resources:
During the months of development, the first phase will be the creation of everything related to the visual of SC

-Command console (HUD)
-Unit's Portrait
-Units GRP
-Icons (For buttons and unit's properties)
-Attacks, spells and other effects.
-Menu redesign

1b.- Audio resources:

-Sound effects

2.- Rebuild of all:
Rearrange the elements to work

-Command box, controls, etc.
[Maybe a 5x3 command box]
[Maybe a higher resolution]
-Tech tree (Of all races)
-Rename of the files

The magic behind all:

-Unit stats
-Pluglins, if are requiered
[Maybe the selection of more than 12 units, or multiple buildings]

4a.- Maps:

-Tileset edition
-Creation of new maps

4b.- Campaing (MAYBE)

5.- Alpha and Beta release:

This will need a lot of work and dedication.
I'm thinking, at the end of this proyect, that it will recreate the SCII in all of the aspects, or most of all.

So, the reason that I explain this is the need to assemble a team to start this project.

Anyone interested in this, please send me a PM

For the mod:


hey we can be partner

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Yeah... Tychus can be your partner. :)

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KYSXD Author

i'm agree

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I completely agree with KYSXD, there is a lot of SC2 material for SC:BW already, and someone should put all of it together.
I'm not a modder so I wouldn't understand the development process, but from what I seen here at the SC moddb page you guys already(indirectly) made ~70% of a perfect SC2,SC1 modd.

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KYSXD Author

Exactly!, there are many things that can not be done, but you can get the full potential of SC to the limit and show many other things that have not been thought.

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Although I won't be much help in other areas, I would love to help with making a campaign, but I doubt we'd be able to do something like the real one in StarCraft II. I am an experienced campaign maker and I've made four different campaigns in the past, two of which won first place in two different contests, so hit me up if you do want to make a campaign.

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KYSXD Author

That would be very useful.

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Hi KYSXD, I've just read this thread and it seems very interesting. You mentioned the aim to emulate SC2 as well as possible, well, my mod SC2 MOD Fenix Legacy could you help:, I'm not sure to participate, but I would like, because my lack of time. But I think this project can be the better with a well-organized team.

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KYSXD Author

Totally agree, a good team would make this the best.

By the way, congrats for your mod, i have played before and It looks very well.

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it's interesting..

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Cool! I was wondering when all the people making SC2 mods decide to start working together.

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