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Merry christmas... A few updates and need of developer, check it out!

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Merry Christmas everyone
First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope you get some wonderfull gifts and money back from environmental payment... it certainly have helped in Denmark, it's really cold.
And don't blow your fingers off in the new year, cause then you can't play the mod when it is done ;) .
We are also in need of a sound developer, please see the bottom of this article for more info.

We have been working a little more on the concept and also added the radar to it (concept)
It is very clear now, which things we want in the HUD, and DLpnd will be working on the HUD from the final concept.
I have chosen not to add an image, as it is very alike from the other.

Robo_killa have wanted to update the Ichigo model for a long time, and recently he had extra time to work on it. The new model should soon be done.
For now, we got the model for our first main milestone, so Robo will be doing some environmental models, so we can add a bit details to the maps without crashing half-life.

Is under intense development by Damaera, we got the list for basic animations done and Damaera have completed some movement animations.

Dashing, dodging and flash step
Is currently being added to the mod as the first movements.

Dashing is a fast move in a preset direction (by mouse).
Dashing uses some reitsu, and you can be hit while moving.
Dashing does not have as long range as flashstep, but you do not have to shelter your weapon to use dash.
Dashing also comes with an quick Dash attack. The dash attack requires a bit more reitsu.

Dodging is fast movement, performed by tapping left,right or back movement key twice.
It is even shorter than the dashing, and requires less reitsu. However, being hit doing a dodge is 100% damage taken, so blocking will be a benefit if you can't avoid the attack.

Flash step is only able to be performed in movement mode.
Movement mode:
In movement mode your reitsu regenerates faster, you move a little faster, and you can use flash steps.
However movement mode also have it's limitations:
You can't attack. To attack, you need to change to attack mode, where you can use melee and kido's
The change takes time, and prevents the ability to invicibly teleporting behind an enemy and melee bashing the enemy in the instance you arrive at the target.

Flash step uses a lot of reitsu. It isn't fun to play a game if you have to chase a chicken all over an open area map, and when in range barely got enough reitsu to finish it off. So flash step uses a lot of reitsu, to keep the chickens in range and to be more tactical used.
Flash step can be a good way of disappearing from an dangerous place, without the enemy knowing where you are hiding.
or it can be a good way of traveling to an battle zone far away.

Flash steps is alike of teleporting in ESF: Instant, invicible, unable to be hit on the travel from A to B.
When the user got too little reitsu to do a flash step, a dash will be made instead.

We hope to could show some ingame stuff by January or February.

Mod of the year awards
As you can see, MOTY have started, and it gives a good chance to promote the mod to members on moddb who haven't seen the latest news and progression of this mod.
We wont make it to number 1, but making it to the top 100 is a great achievement.
So help the mod, by giving your vote ;)

Need of sound developer.
Currently we are doing well with the team we have, but none of us do sounds.
So it have made use add an job on moddb.
It is important that you are experienced as a sound developer and that you are determined to work with the mod.
If you are interested, then take a look at:

News preview image:


I don't think the movement/attack mode thing'll work, it'll make combat alot slower and result in some annoying deaths. Besides that's seen plenty of times in the series, perhaps an ability to detect/block/counter it?

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If it's instant from attack to movement then small amount of time to go back to attack it will be useful other wise I wouldn't use it.
And they use flash step attacks A LOT in the series.

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eliasr Author

well that is where we chose to make a dash attack.
An dash attack is as quick as the dash, and it requires the target to have a better block timing or to counter it faster than on a normal attack.

The problem is that the flash step is so fast, that teleporting would be suitable. and we choice to say. it is so fast that you would avoid any attacks from A to B... therefor teleporting. it is also "invisible" for everyone.
However, we know that a shinigami can see a flash attack. That might be right, but the human eye can't. and therefor gamewise we choice to limit the fighting situation to dashing.

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