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We talk about the game's Compass and exploration, the main city Plaza, and more!

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Hello travelers, welcome to the Developer Update for March 2018!

It's been quite the busy month; we recently started work on our next milestone. We're going to talk about the compass, the task board, the emote/consumables wheels, and Origo's plaza. Let's get into it!

The Task Board

Task boards can be found in major cities and towns. Players can interact with the task board to find the latest Expeditions and Bounties.


Expeditions are event-type quests that refresh every 4 hours. A player may undertake only 1 Expedition at a time. Expeditions will come in varying difficulties and rarities, with rarely appearing Expeditions tending to be more difficult. "Legendary" rarity Expeditions are limited: while any player or party may undertake and attempt one, only the first player or party to complete the objective will receive the reward.

Emote and Consumable Wheels

Emotes can be accessed in a wheel menu that you can easily open up by holding a key. Simply select an emote from the list and you'll perform that action! The same wheel design is also used for the consumables menu. Players can assign their consumable items to the wheel and change it whenever they like, making the consumable wheel an easy way to drink/eat things quickly without having to open up your Inventory.



Behind The Scenes: Compass

Your compass is one of two tools for finding your way around Orterra. The game will not include a minimap nor will it show where you are on the world map, so you'll have to be aware of your surroundings and traverse the Kingdoms using your compass and landmarks in the world.


Behind The Scenes: Origo's Plaza

The main city in Blades of Orterra is Origo. As one of the biggest, grandest cities in the game, we want to do it justice. We've been working on the main plaza, which is the spawn point and starting area of the game. We're showing you the statue that stands in the center of the plaza. It's a work in progress (no textures at the moment), but let us know what you think!


That's it for this month. We should have a lot more to show off next time, and we're super excited to reveal more of what we're working on!

Thanks for reading, we'll see you in the next one!

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