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This update is to say what was happened during this time.

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Hello everybody!

How are you doing? Well I’ve been receiving a lot of complaints about FPS issues that happened with TCO last few months. Well, lets say its "fixed". In a way that I didn't like that much, but most of people who I shown, liked. Turns out that is not that bad. But well, as you might know, I do work on UNITY to make TCO. Since then, I've been using HDRP rendering pipeline that gave that ASTONISHING visuals to the game. The day-night transitions, the glares, the sunlit images. All that was awesome to me. BUT, as time move on, the HDRP didn't got much optimized ever since. And the FPS issues kept an issue!

Well, tired of complaints, I did removed the HDRP pipeline and changed to URP. MUCH less awesome, but I managed to make something from it. And Still. I'm trying, please guys, have patience! haha.

Now, with less than 1000 rendering pass (1840 on HDRP frame eater), the game runs in a good stable framerate. More than expected as you can see in the image below. DOUBLE it. From that point of view, the game runs smoothly now. And probably runs better in low end computers over there.

I hope you all enjoy it! This been a hard take, but had to be done. Its a major change to the game and you all are welcome to post your feedbacks and suggestions on this channel.


There's some issues around here and there. Please you are all free to post it or ping me about them. Some of them I might even seen it since this move was a very bold move and stupidly hard! (work wise)

Screenshot 1


I much prefer the realistic look of HDRP, and it ran perfectly fine on most modern CPUs. Only people who had issues were people still running on PCs from 2014-2015 and earlier. At that point, I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but get a new PC :p

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JLigeiroart Author

I completely understand that. But also the game runs really smoothly now. Less frame skipping and less issues than before.

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you did sound like a jerk!

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