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This week we'll answer some important questions: Why does Lousã exist? Why was it made? Why taking photographs?

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Hello, good people from the internet!

Hope that you're all having an excellent day.

This week, I would like to make a smoother devlog. Don't force new information on all of you; do something a bit different. A devlog focused on text and presenting you with the reasons that have led to the origin of Lousã as a game. Why these characters, the narrative, and why taking photographs?

Let's do this!

IMG 20170715 151732

The dad and the son

All my youth years, I've felt super lucky for the parents that I have, how I was treated, and the opportunities I've had because of that. Above all the love and affection that both mom and dad gave me, the moments I spent with my dad in the mountains allowed me to grow. And see the world from a different perspective!

With this said, let's answer the first two questions!

Why does Lousã exist? Why was it made?

Lousã is a love letter to my parents for all that they've done for and with me, during the first years of my life. And spread the appeal for doing activities in nature. It's one of the best feelings in the world!

The Action

And every one that played Lousã has seen, you take pictures in it! There are numerous activities that a person can perform in nature, and trust me, most of the activities that I've done, included rocks and ropes! But there is a small issue: it needs a lot of experience, focus, and mental thinking to perform, for example, rock climbing! And one of the main focuses while developing Lousã was to give the player a calm experience. So...

Why taking photographs?

It's relaxing! Almost as a therapeutic moment, allows everyone to calm down from the stress caused by a long and hard day of work, and become a little more relaxed.

No one can deny the satisfaction of taking a gorgeous photograph!

And also, as ironic as this can be, my dad never taught me how to take photographs, so I assumed that would make a funny remark from Lousã.

The Action

With all this said, I would still like to give you something new, something different to see. With this in mind, I present a new promo art for Lousã!

This art displays the strong connection between the dad and the son, and a gorgeous landscape that displays the connection that they both have with nature! Hope you enjoy it.

Promo art2 Lous


The love between a dad and his son, nature, and relaxing activities lead to the creation and development of a gorgeous game that hopes to captivate and relax its players, by displaying beautiful scenery, like Lousã deserves to be portrayed, amazing music and sound effects, and simple to master mechanics!

I can't wait to see the pictures that you'll take, so start playing Lousã's demo right now!

Thanks for your attention, and hope to see you here next week! Stay safe, you amazing people!

e assim

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seu jogo parece muito interessante amigo, boa sorte nesse projeto!

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