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Our baby boy is all grown up now, and can walk across the level!

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Hello, you beautiful people!

Even though Louzan's demo was released a short while back, we want to keep working on the game, starting by listening to our audience and changing what needs to be changed!

And if you're wondering how could you miss this amazing devlog and not play Louzan's demo, don't worry, you can still do it now!

Now that that's out of the way, let's go straight to some new stuff!

Audience Feedback

Ok, so first of all... what is being worked on from the feedback that we got? Well, let's say that most of you wanted to be able to move around, and take pictures from different angles. All I can say is, as you can see, IT'S BEING WORKED ON! Opinions matter, and for us they are crucial to developing an awesome game for all of you.


Enjoyed taking pictures at a lower level? Go for it. Or maybe you want to get a higher point of view? No one is stopping you. Climb the steps and get that bird view picture of those... birds, yeah!

Different Angles

Want something more sideways, more artistic? Hell, look for a tree and get some leaves on the side. The camera is your weapon, and there's no limit!

Near tree

Sneak Peek

And what better way to end this, than with a sneak peek of what we will talk about next week?

behind sign


So you know what? Yes, this devlog is focused on thanking each one of you for your help in improving our game. A game is nothing without its players, and its testers that spent their free time playtesting our game, and everyone at Rio Studios is grateful and appreciates all the received feedback so far.

See you next week with some breaking news. Until then, stay safe!

e assim

With Kindness, Rio Studios®

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