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Here we discuss what the project is about, long-term plans, and what you can expect from us in the near-future.

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Gunman Chronicles: Locked and Reloaded is now live!

First off, what's a Gunman?

Gunman Chronicles is a game powered by the Half-Life engine, originally released in late 2000.

On the frontier of civilized space, you battle across four different worlds, encountering many unique enemies along the way, ranging from ferocious dinosaurs to the genetically engineered Xenomes.

Mayan2b: Mayan2a:

Mayan6bRust 1:

What's this all about then?

The Locked and Reloaded project aims to provide insight into Gunman Chronicles' development, in the form of playable game sections, stories from the game's original developers and remastered levels and assets.

So what're our long-term plans?

Thanks to the support of the game's original developers, we have been able to recover a small portion of the game's original and lost content (time has not been fair to us), primarily in the form of ancient backups and long lost CDs, with the occasional source file scattered amongst the rubble.

We are still in the process of connecting with former developers, with their help we hope that as time goes on, we can provide more interesting and unique content. This project is ever-expanding!

What can you expect to see in the future?

As of now? We are working on a remastered port of the game's older levels, which were intended for the E3 2000 games expo. These levels are almost completely different from those that were included with the finalised game, many of which boast intricate brush-based artwork and inspiring textures and locations. The updated and remastered maps will make heavy use of advancements made over the 18 years since the game's initial release, such as updated map and model compile tools; vastly improving visual fidelity and squashing many annoying bugs. Unlike the original game, this release will be based on the Steam edition of Half-Life, using our port of the retail game to that platform as a base.

So what now?

Sit back and relax! Our revamped E3 campaign is well on its way to completion. We're making sure that everything plays and runs smoothly, so that these maps are at their best they can be. Currently in the downloads section we have uploaded the "Gunman WC Mappack" which is a collection of all map sources from Gunman Chronicles that we have been able to acquire.

Thanks for reading!

Gunman WC Mappack (Incomplete)


It's nice to see that a game I loved back in the day is getting the love it deserved.

Alongside with Opposing Force (HL1 Expansion), this game was the second and only ever game I got into Box Format (Back when box presentation was still a thing, and publishers cared about it).

Said that, what I would love to see and never managed to with my resources, was to be able to createa custom map with a working tank, and even less to manage to port it to Multiplayer.

So, if it is possible, I would love to see that sick Tank creating havok in multiplayer, or at least some kind of documentation on how to port it to to other maps would be appreciated.

Last thing but not least, I would love to know how hard or easy would be to implement bots to the game, as I was never able to play with others back in the time, and I think they would make this part of the game enjoyable for the time to come.

Thanks in advance for your time and support for this forgotten gaming Gem know as Gunman Chronicles.

Good luck and have fun!

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Interesting, its possible to contact original developers and ask them release source code of .dll of Gunman Chronicles? Its code contain many interesting things like tank and customizable weaponry.

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Nice to see people are picking this up! I really enjoyed GC back in the day. Maybe I should give it a go again to see if it withstood the test of time.

What's the status of GC? Is it considered abadonware or are there still people holding the rights?

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I still would love to see a remastered version with less clunky controls (Generally a problem with advanced game mechanics in the 90s and early 2000s.)

But this will do! Absolutely loved this game in middle school. It feels like the Quake and Half-Life engines conjured so many imaginative games that couldn't be matched to this day.

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