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Discover how to survive your first day in the most ruthless cartoon survival 3D roguelike independent videogame. Happy new year 3571!

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Discover how to survive your first day (20 mn) in the most ruthless survival 3D roguelike independent videogame. Try to beat the clock of the best survivors of the year 3571 worldwide, but be careful! Death is permanent and can happen at any time. In this kind of race, only the last can win.


A Quick Beginner's Guide To The Year 3571

  • FIRST DAYS - Beginner level ( Sneaking and hiding ) Don't fight. Find safe places. Recruit some NPCs in your team. Steal or build good weapons and armors. Stock food in your chests. Increase your stats by fighting small enemies with very good weapons.
  • FIRST WEEKS - Warrior level ( Exploring and fighting ) If you can kill a droid with a simple sword, why not save the world now? Tame a Dragon, stock bombs, lasers and shotguns. Grow your army. Search for rare swords. You can kill every droid on Earth and make the world a better place.
  • FIRST MONTHS - King level ( Building and sandbox ) Now everyone is almost safe. You can easily repel daily droid attacks thanks to your giant army, your deadly traps and your Dragons. Nobody can kill you anymore. Just build more houses, and rule the entire Earth as you see fit.

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