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Previous months turned to be very stressful. Despite that I'm still willing to keep this project alive.

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Hello there, readers! It's been quite some time since the last article.

Unfortunately, previous few months turned to be very stressful for me: Exams at university, some local drama in a community I was a member of. But I somehow managed to get through everything. Past months were lifechanging, I had several ups and downs.

I'm not even gonna mention that one modification I made, which resulted in tons of stress from arguments and trouble I got myself into by it. Mistakes were made, aswell as the attempts at fixing them, but it kinda didn't work out well enough, I still got banned from one sourcemodding discord server, backstabbed afterwards, etc.

But eitherway, I'm still here and capable of making cool schitt. And I'm not letting all my efforts go down the drain, I ain't giving up on this project, no matter what.

I don't really have much progress to show, but after my previous article I received some help in level design(which I'm sincerely grateful for) from TwoTime. Later, I continued the work myself.







Aside from usual mapping stuff, I came to a conclusion that the entirety of FF:R plot has to be rewritten to match the seriousness of Redux version. Besides, I was feeling that the outdated story and plot writing might've been the reason of my neverending procrastination on the project. These plot ideas originate from around 2019 and funny russian text to speech simply doesn't match my serious mapping anymore.

To keep myself passionate at developing FF:R, I must give myself a new direction. The project in it's current state is somewhat messy. I need to start from coming up with the ideas of what I really want it to be like.

I made some new friends recently. Even though some of them don't have any modding experience, it's still great to have supporters nonetheless.

In addition, my newly made close friend, modding colleague and just a great person, The_Guardian™, will help me with working on FF:R from now on, so feel free to congratulate our second FremenDev. (Also, if you like GldSrc mods, I recommed taking a look at his project Radical Problems)



le epique

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Glad to hear that epic drama didt stop you from doing cool source stuff, anyway, i hope your recent experience will allow you to progress in creativity

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SellFace Author

Hello, Muss(I heard that's one of the ways to call you in non-russian space). Thanks for the comment.

The drama surely damaged my passion alot. I remember time when I couldn't make any progress because just opening hammer was making me remember the haunting regrets and grief. Although, recently I managed to sort these out.
Yeah! Modding Bleeds(and it's predecessor Lambda Marine) surely taught me some new awesome tricks, namely the way to display nearly anything on player's screen without touching game's code. I'm also now willing to continue learning VScript and use it to make implementing new features easier.
I wish you luck on your stuff, saw some great media from Swelter, keep it up.

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mmm, good screenshots, I also sometimes follow your streams, and what can I say: the continuation of FF: Redux is doing well, I'm waiting for the release of new parts, and good luck with your projects :D

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