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This article Informs you about my plans of one of the three main Mods of this Modproject. Additionally the new four Submods will be introduced too and will be explained more in Detail.

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Hello everyone,

in this article I want to give you a detailful overview about a important change focused on one of the three main Mods of this Project. As you know this Modproject is a Collection of three different main Mods:

- Future Battlefield Pack

- Future Battlefield Pack Orbital

- Future Battlefield Pack Elite ACUs

However the first Mod, which is called Future Battlefield Pack (F.B.P.) has get an large Change in his Organisation and Managing. This Change was to split the main Mod: Future Battlefield Pack into 4 different Submods. All Submods will have thier own Topics and contains several Units which are focused on it.

So now it is time to Introduce the four Submods:

Icon legends

The first Submod is called F.B.P. Legends.

This contains all new Units, which has been recreated from various unused Concept Artwork by GPG to bring them back to the Game. This Mod Features over 50 new Units, which has thier Design located on the first 100 Years of the Infinty War, before they have been replaced by the Units, which have we already have in the Vanilla Game.

For examles which Units i mean here is a short Screenshot Overview:

424 10 1501325069

The first Version of Legends will have alot of new Textures for several Units and of Course a few Model Replacements/Improvements for example:


However the Develoment on Legends is currently not my Primary Task.

But it will continue later on.


Icon New Techs

The second Submod will be called F.B.P. New Techs.

This Submod will include several new Units, Features and Concepts developted by myself.

So more creative stuff like Navaltransports, Escort Carriers, Armored Ships, Multi Legged Attack Walkers and more are coming to the Future Battlefield of Supreme Commander Forged Alliance with this new Submod.

For anyone which thinks about which Units I mean exacly here are some Screenshot Examples:

Cybran Escort CarrierMulti Legged Assault Walkers

UEF Experimental Tank Seraphim Hower Transports

And even more are coming....

As you can see this Submod is larger as Legends, that's the Reason why I work on it next to of Orbital. ;)


Icon for F.B.P. Defenses

The third Submod will be called F.B.P. Defenses.

This Submod adds some new Defenses like new Turrets of any Type.

However the main focus on this Submod will be to give you the access to the Advanced Structures like the new Outpots, Fortresses, Navalbase, Airbases and of Course new types of Experimental Defenses.

Here are a few Screenshots for the Fortresses and Outposts as examples:

Cybran Tech 3 FortressAeon Outpost clear out the frontlineUEF Tech 3 Fortress builds some Landunits

Currently I work next to on New Techs and Orbital on an early access Version of F.B.P. Defenses to give you the first try to Play the new Outpots and Fortresses.


""Commander, where is our Icon. Repeat where is our Icon"" - a Infantry Soldier to his Commander.

The last fouth Submod is more a small try Project by myself.

The Title of it is not clear so I will mention it later.

This Submod adds six Infantryclasses, a new Building the barracks and two Defenses to the Game.

The six Infantryclasses will be:

Assault Trooper (Armed with an Rifle)

Front Trooper (Armed with an advanced MG)

Heavy Trooper (Armed with an Minigun)

Sniper (Armed with an Long Range Rifle)

Officer (Armed with an Pistol)

Technican (This type of Infantry can drop/build automatic Turrets)

Here is an small current Ingame presentation of the first two Infantryclasses for the UEF.

UEF InfantrieUEF Infantrie2 2

One important thing is the size of these Infantryunits are not final and the Model itself will get several Improvements in Details or will be replaced by an other one later.

So in other Words it is still in Work in Progress and more a try. ;)

An another Idea to bring Infantry to the Game could be to add several new Types of Light Assault Bots to make it more accurate to the Supcom Lore.

As you can see here is some room to think about it, which Idea is better .

Remember this for the Future this is an Submod too, so If you don't want to have Infantry in your Game you don't Need to install or activate it. ;)


What exacly is with the Future Battlefield Pack itself?

Is this still a Mod or abadonned?

This is for now on the official Working Title for all four Submods.

I plan to release all three Submods (Legends, New Techs and Defenses) later in one single Pack as an Collection for Downloading.

Until it each Submod will be released as an seperate Download to give you an Early Access.

The fourth Submod with the including Infantry Features will be added later.


What About F.B.P. Orbital and F.B.P. Elite ACUs?

Orbital is for now on the main primary target of my Workprogress so I will work more on it.

But I will continue the work on the Early Access Versions for F.B.P Defenses and F.B.P. New Techs next to of Orbital. So i will work sometimes on Orbital and on the other Mods for a few Weeks. This will increase the Development on each Mod even more to get them Ready for the public compare to work on an single Mod with all Stuff.

F.B.P. Elite ACUSs will get an Early Access Version too, however the first Version of it will contains the new ACU-HQ Building for each Faction only. Future Versions will add the new types of ACUs from time to time.


All in all,

I hope several Questions from you have been answered by this arctilce and you can Understand my Workprogress better for now on.

But one thing I have to say at last:

Please be Patient, I'm still working alone on this Modproject and I will inform you about the Status, if I have something new about it. I will do my best to work on the Modproject, but remember this is my favourite Hobby but I have an Real Life next to of it with some private Things to do.

I know the latest Version was released in 2017 and we have 2020 now.

However several things has Happening in my Realife during these Years.

That was the Reason for my inactivity and less Development Progress on the Modproject itself.

Well that is all for this artcile stay tuned for more and look after for yourself during the Corona Crisis. ;)

Best regards



While my interest is mostly with Orbital, Infantry is quite interesting. Looking forward for more progresses!

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Thank you for continuing to work on the mod for this wonderful game.

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hy missing dependency in faf!! :-)

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CDRMV Author

Both Versions on the FAF Modvault has been uploaded by someone, without my Permission.

They will be removed from the FAF Modvault soon. (I hope)
I would recommend anyone, who uses the Version from FAF Modvault to uninstall it and replace it with the official Github Early Access Version. If you want to play it of course.

Both Versions of FBP Defenses and FBP FAF Edition on Github are the official Early Access Version. Both Mods are working with Loud, Steam and FAF.

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