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A quick update showing some damage prototyping in game.

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We really want you to be able to see how badly your POD is damaged by looking at it. Here are the first attempts at implementing a damage system that satisfies that requirement:

Iv@n - - 79 comments

That's looks amazing

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Thaiauxn - - 1,673 comments

This is the coolest **** I have ever seen.

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SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

I am so glad you implement such a damage system as this!
Many games don't really put effort in stuff like this and i for one
really like it when things get damaged in a game, doesn't matter if it
a wall, floor, or as in this case a POD. And you have implemented it so
well, each time we can see it get more damaged. I assume you will make
it even further. Because the step between alive and fully dead is not to
big in my opinion. So it maybe be even much more damaged before it is killed, or taken out of action. But as you said, this are the first attempts so i assume you will be working much further on this.

As always, great stuff!!
Thanks for sharing,


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