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Contained within are details about openings currently available to assist in the development of TK.

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Thats right, I need help! Below is a list of current openings to assist in the development of TK, if you or somebody you know can help just leave a message on this news post along with what opening you can help in and I will drop you a PM :)

- Character modeller
Whats needed: Anyone who can use Maya or Max to edit existing NPC and mutant models in SoC, what needs doing isn't anything ground breaking or overly time consuming for anyone fluent in the use of Maya or Max I'd just like to have the character models meshes tidied up so they look more like the models in CS and CoP (in other words, no nasty sudden sharp edges on the character models). If the modeller happens to be talented at making textures and wants to retexture some models then I won't have any objections.

- Scripter
Whats needed: Anyone whos fluent in LUA, scripting is the one thing I suck at and I just don't have time to learn LUA with all the other things involved for putting TK together.

- Playtester (x2) - FILLED
Whats needed: Anyone whos got time to play through the upcoming internal RC build of TK to generally proof it to make sure there are no serious bugs I've missed. As a playtester you can collaborate with other playtesters I already have but you are not to leak the internal TK RC build as its internal for a reason - its a work in progress.

- Media creator
Whats needed: Anyone who is capable of putting some nice in-game videos together for the upcoming internal TK RC build, its just to save me some time so I can focus on the mod more :) Any media creator will have pretty much free roam on the videos, as long as its the RC build thats all that matters really.

- Story writer
Whats needed: Anyone with a good imagination and a slightly warped mentality :) I started expanding the vanilla story so things are pieced together more and to make the experience more engaging but theres definitely a lot more aspects that could be expanded. Only shackles on the story writer is that the story is simply to be expanded, not completely changed, knows how to open and edit XML files and that the writer understands the kind of dark atmosphere and gritty language needed - none of the PG pop crap.

Thats it folks, those are all the openings :)

ketxxx Author

Playtester positions have now been filled.

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I wish I had the expertise to help you out with these things. Maybe you should post this at other forums too. Your work so far seems to have such a high standard, that it would be a huge waste if you didn't get the right people to complete the project as envisioned. I haven't played the mod yet, but this looks like the new gold standard of ShoC mods, and would help the game staying relevant for several more years. Good luck to you with completing the project, I'll keep following your progress. Great work!

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ketxxx Author

Thanks, I'm hoping to release the RC build soon theres not too many loose ends but I'm being very particular about the look of some things.

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