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I've released a version of the october 19 2020 HTW release intended for Windows 10 users! Unlike the other version it has a fix for the giant/single-entity generals crashing the mod - and including the giant Gohma spiders. This is the same mod as the other upload, but with the new Memory Editing Tool pre-installed - it's required on windows 10 or all the giant heroes are prone to crash to the desktop (CTD) - the other version doesn't use the tool and works mostly fine on Windows 7.

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2021-07-19 - JOIN MY TWITCH on this link where I'll be streaming campaigns from now on:

2021-04-17 - Discord-link added with WIP-release at the discord.

Join the Discord at (new link):

- At the Discord you can get access to a WIP with 86 new strat-map models, resized unit_info-cards (they're all the same size now) hopefully fixing the CTD on the strat-map when right-clicking the cards of units, it adds new descriptions for certain units and it adds the patch to the main download fixing the Horon recruitment and nerfing the Oocca - but the main thing is of course the 86 new strat-models.

EDIT as of 2020-12-03 - I've re-uploaded the mod with the new updated version of the M2TWEOP-tool - try re-downloading the mod again as the new version should not have the issue with Steam on Windows 10.

Changes include:

"Many stability issues have been fixed, new features have been added. The list of changes will be when the creator of the tool finish version 1.19.

Some of the changes from this patch:

1. Added an option that allows you to simply run the mod without opening the program window.

2. Spawn_army fix now works for the console command spawn_character, and now the army that appears will block the port if it is enemy.

3. The game will no longer crash when changing settings for resolution, anti-aliasing, etc.

4. The program now correctly detects the monitor resolution
and much more."


I tried it on Windows 7 - no issues, I tried it with the CD-version on Windows 10 - no issues - But according to the creators of the tool it is required to change some stuff for the Steam-version on Win 10.

You do need to right-click on the Medieavl2.exe/Kingdoms.exe and change some things in the compatibility mode. It will also need to be done with the tools .exe file.

- This is due to the scaling settings in windows 10.

"You need to open file properties-> compatibility-> change DPI settings-> check the box and select "application""

"This option also helps with med2 for some people (+20fps) (Set dpi scale to "controlled by application""


This is the same mod as the other upload, but with the new Memory Editing Tool pre-installed - it's required on windows 10 or all the giant heroes are prone to crash to the desktop (CTD) - the other version doesn't use the tool and works mostly fine on Windows 7 which I am using.

This tool has fixed the giants in Third Age DCI, Warcraft: Total War etc - even on windows 7 it might make battles more stable as certain battles do crash on 7 as well - but not due to the giants. However, I do believe that with the Win 7 version it's easier to start the mod as firewalls/security programs of Win 10 might treat the tool as a virus - as such you should de-activate your firewall/security programs or make an exception for the tool if it's treated as a virus by your security - which it is not.

It's a tool that modifies the games .EXE while the game is running. Such tools are often mistaken for viruses by modern windows security. With this tool you'd still need to install the mod like written in the installation-article - but now you'll also need to start the mod through the tool.

I have uploaded a video on how to do this, which is very easy - and this is the article about the latest release and the tool. To use the tool you just need to right-click the tools .exe with your mouse and run the tool as an administrator. Then the UI of the tool should be pretty self-explanatory. I would suggest not to use all the features of the tool due to the game becoming less stable the more features you are using. The features I'd use are the ones I think will be activated for you as well.

You can place ancillaries at 32 only if you wish to modify the mod and add more ancillaries to each character - the old limit was 8, you can place religions at 12 if you want more religions - the old number was 10 - otherwise I'd suggest not to use these as they might still affect the mod negatively as they are increasing the limits of the game. These options might be activated from the start so you could return them to 10 and 8 respectively if you want to. There is a button named "Click Me" - if you click on it you'll get information about the program, things you shouldn't do unless you want a crash and shortcuts to certain features like for example being able to zoom-out enormously on the map, highlighting all the troops and other stuff. You do need to place the anti-aliasing through the tools UI before starting up the mod - place it at 8 for the maximum quality. If you change this inside of the game using the tool the game is going to crash.

On the right-side of the tools UI are many options - I would only have a few activated - those are the "berserks-fix" which will enable the berserker ability from Rome: Total War to work on the units - you'll just have to hand out the "berserk"-attribute to the units you wish to go berserk in the Export_descr_units-file - in the vanilla Medieval 2 game and in mods not using the new M2TWEOP-tool this attribute would crash as soon as the units entered a battle on the battlefield - this feature will be useful in Viking-based mod and for the Uruk-Hai Berserkers in Third Age I am sure, then I would activate the "Unlock Console Command" feature of the tool - which will enable all the console command codes in the mod and finally I would activate the "creatures-fix" which will fix the skeleton of all the elephant-based units in the mod - such as Fi, Ghirahim, King Ganon, Demise, Majora himself etc - this is the main feature I wanted in this submod due to players reporting that units like Majora and Fi have crashed for them during battle immediately upon starting the battle. This fix will make it possible to play with all these units in both the campaign and in the custom battles. If you play custom you can have an army of Majora's versus an army of Ghirahim's or Demise's - the point is that giants will no longer crash to the desktop. I'm pretty sure that other reasons for CTD during battle will be fixed as well

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - COMPLETED EDITION! (Win 10) Released!

About the installation of the mod: Read the article on the following link, or you can watch the video below about installing both versions of the mod and using the M2TWEOP (Medieval 2 Total War Engine Overhaul Project)-tool:

Link to the Total War Center-page of the Tool where it can be downloaded for usage in other mods and projects:

Credit for the tool should be given to youneuoy and Jojo00182.

About the latest release of Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate I do intend to give an update on it as well in this article - as I never did write an article about the october 19 2020 release (for win 7) and this Win 10 release uploaded on november 3 2020.

Features of the final and completed release of Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate (Yes, the mod is finished at last - unless I find bugs to fix while playing - but bugs I cannot fix will remain):

1. Phantom Ganon spawns in the campaign! (All 4 of them)!

I managed to add Phantom Ganon by replacing Mercenary Tsume - I've reached a hardcoded limit in the descr_scripts-file. I cannot add anymore heroes or the script will not work properly. So Phantom Ganon is Ganondorf on a horse, it's the boss-battle in the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time. He has a "Mounted Marauders"-bodyguard. And he has the Skeletal Helmet. He will spawn one turn after the Gerudo conquers "Sacred_Forest_Meadow" - also known as the Forest Temple.

Ordinary Ganondorf will still spawn as usual in the campaign - but has a Vagrudanon bodyguard now as Neph originally intended - and also is without the helmet.

Phantom Ganon spawns in the campaign! (All 4 of them)

Phantom Ganon spawns in the campaign! (All 4 of them)

2. I've added the civilian animations to most militia units!

I've also added the civilian animations to all the militia units - units such as the Glaive Grunts, Town Guards, Acolytes, Kokiri Detachment, Pioneers, Conscripts, Majora Desciples, Moblin Civilians, Horon Civilians, Drafted, Raiders, Ordona Militiamen etc - they will patrol in settlements now.

The AI will use them as a normal unit. As the player you can place them somewhere in a city and they'll spread out from there if you let them be.

I've added the civilian animations to most militia units!I've added the civilian animations to most militia units!Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Completed Edition RELEASED!

3. Ashinon Generals implemented as a new unit to the mod!

So, I did add the Ashinon Generals (the original bodyguard of Twinrova herself) as their own unit in the previous release that I thought were final. However, when I played the mod I ran into some issues and bugs and decided to fix these the best that I could - so I've been updating the mod yet again.

Actually I'd thought it would be a minor update with some fixing but I've spent the previous week prior to october 5 2020, working on the mod and playtesting all my awaken time. So you could say it's a lot of fixing, new gameplay and improvements to the mod overall.

Most of the time was playtesting but I've managed to beat quite a few annoying issues that I only found out existed after actually playing the game as certain factions - or against certain factions.

Ashinon Generals!

4. Arms of Deadhand added as a new recruitable unit to the mod for the Stalfos faction!

Arms of Deadhand!

5. Wallfloormasters added as a new unit to the mod for the Stalfos!


6. The Stalfos roster has been updated!

So I've added the "Wallfloormasters" as a new regular unit to the Stalfos in both the custom battles and in the campaign, and this unit is Undead Akazoo's bodyguard.

Also, the Stalfos did not have access to the mercenary Stalchilds, or the siege engines in most of the custom battle ERA:s. I've added these units to them in all the ERA:s.

Stalfos roster has been updated!

7. Kovalians, Silent Stalkers, Silent Guards and Armos recruitable!

I've added the Kovalians, Silent Stalkers, Silent Guards and the merc Gibdos - in essence the units of the Goddesses of Hyrule, to the Gerudo, Hylians, Ordona, the Sheikah etc depending on the faction if they conquer the Sky City. They will only be available from the Sky City itself.

Most other factions get access to Death Mountain Armos or the Armos Beamos - if they conquer the Sky City - the Labrynna Regime will get Twili Armos, as will the River Zora - due thanks to their alliance with King Zant.

Alright, and the Oocca Walker Cannons and Oocca Commandants are also available for the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Sheikah, the Ordona Province and the Gerudo - the believers in the Goddesses - should they conquer the Sky City.

Kovalians, Silent Stalkers, Silent Guards and Armos recruitable!

8. Ft_Olnacht and Meesiam custom settlements in battle have been fixed!

So the rebel Ikanian areas of Meesiam and Ft_Olnacht used a Twilight custom settlement in battle - it's been fixed into a proper cursed Kingdom of Ikana custom settlement.

If you attack these cities as the River Zora or anyone else now - you'd be fighting in an Ikanian settlement and not in a Twili one.

Ft_Olnacht and Meesiam custom settlements in battle have been fixed!

9. Malkariko Hylian generic custom settlement has a new plaza!

If you also got bored defending Malkariko, or it's actual custom settlement in use by the towns and cities of the said one, Naldoriko, Sorkariko and Audorn - then you might be pleased to hear that I've moved the plaza of this city to the actual castle.

It's a pure coincidence that this was done you see. During a battle I saw the AI move in Princess Zelda into the castle, and it has two doors on each side repsectively - so units could actually enter the castle and defend it from the inside with only two ways into the castle that were easily defended.

The issue had been that the settlement had no defensive positions, or working walls/rampants - so it would be easily lost - and the plaza was a big square outside of the castle that could easily be surrounded by enemy armies. I realized that the plaza needed to change or the enemy could just take the plaza outside the castle even if all the troops were inside of it.

Said and done - the plaza is now in the castle and defenders will defend the entrances on both sides respectively. It will be easier for a defender to hold these cities now, and harder for an invader to conquer them.

Malkariko Hylian generic custom settlement has a new plaza!Malkariko Hylian generic custom settlement has a new plaza!Malkariko Hylian generic custom settlement has a new plaza!Malkariko Hylian generic custom settlement has a new plaza!

10. Mounted Recruits silver surfer horse for Majora fixed!

It would seem that the updated Epona-horse for the Mounted Recruits didn't have a correct line in the BMDB-file for the Church of Majora - causing a silver surfer horse to show up in battles. This has now been fixed!

Mounted Recruits silver surfer horse for Majora fixed!

11. Majora now has Assassins recruitable in the campaign!

I've added an assassin agent to the Church of Majora - this is because they need religious levels for their recruitment of Majora Demons.

Unfortunately it's very annoying to kill enemy priests by surrounding them with nine units and then moving another one to their location - I decided to add assassins to them to make the killing of enemy priests easier.

Deku Chanters are now only recruitable from Deku-lands - they could be recruited everywhere due to a mistake in the current release. Will upload a new version tonight.

Majora now has Assassins!

12. The Oocca now has Assassins recruitable int he campaign!

I've added an assassin agent to the Oocca - this is because they need religious levels for their recruitment of all of their units.

Unfortunately it's very annoying to kill enemy priests by surrounding them with nine units and then moving another one to their location - I decided to add assassins to them to make the killing of enemy priests easier.

The Oocca used to need 100 in their religion to recruit any unit, but this proved too much for the AI to handle as even one enemy priest in a region will cause the level of your religion to go down a few percent. I tried playing as the Oocca and it was impossible without having an easy way to deal with the enemy priests. And the assassin has been added to allow for the swift execution of the enemy's priests in your regions.

Also, for their basic armos unit they now only need 75 in religion, for their Oocca Emmissaries they do need 80, for the Oocca Scouts/Surveyors they now need 85, for the different units of the Goddesses they now need 90 and for their best units the Oocca Commandants, Walker Cannons and the Minish Golem - they now need 95.

The Oocca will be a better faction as the AI now and more of a challenge, while as the player you have a way of dealing with foreign priests.

The Oocca now has Assassins!

13. Arms of Deadhand and Wallfloormasters added as new units to the Stalfos in the campaign!

Arms of Deadhand and Wallfloormasters added as new units to the Stalfos recruitment in all of their regions.

Arms of Deadhand and Wallfloormasters added as new units to the Stalfos!

14. Undead Akazoo finally added as his own general!

When I did change Undead Akazoo from an officer to an actual general I managed to mess up by adding "Alive Akazoo" or "General Akazoo" as the general model - this lead to a silver surfer alive Akazoo in battles.

I've since fixed this and Undead Akazoo now shows up as he should in the coming update!

Undead Akazoo finally added as his own general!

15. All the giant heroes have ranged missiles or the Biggoron Punch!

I've added ranged missiles or the Biggoron Punch (a close-range missile attack) to all the giant heroes of the mod!

If a giant/elephant unit has no missile attack and has the text "no" in the primary weapon line then the game still thinks it can attack gates as elephants in Rome: Total War could indeed attack gates in melee - but this would always cause a CTD (crash to desktop) in Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms which is why Fi and Ghirahim would crash in battle if you had them selected and moved your cursor onto a wall/city/gate.

By adding the projectile in use by Vaati and Vaati Wrath, named Fi Projectile, I've solved this issue. Also, there were many heroes in the mod who had the "no pro"-projectile by Undying Nephalim - this projectile prevented the CTD but still made the units such as Ganon or Demise unable to attack gates. The issue then became that a battle would never end as Ganon or whoever had the "no pro"-projectile would just stand outside of the city doing nothing. The unit clearly couldn't fire, and defensive siege battles can only be won if the attacker is out of ammo - but he counted as having 1 or 2 in ammo - which he couldn't use against the gate. This issue forced the player to sally out to meet the enemy which wasn't intended.

I've added the Biggoron Punch, a short distance projectile in use by units like Biggoron, to solve this - so units like Biggoron and Demise will now be able to waste their ammo on a gate and the defender won't need to sally out anymore!

They can sometimes kick a gate open if they have enough ammo, the stats of the punch differs depending on the giant hero unit - I've kept their oridinary attack damage so they aren't as strong as Biggoron. Certain heroes got ranged projectiles instead - such as Dark Onox, Stallord, Dezaia, Ghirahim, Fi as I've mentioned and even Ganon. The projectiles are those seen in lore or in Neph's Hyrule Historia mission videos.

This means that the giant generals work better now.

All the giant heroes have ranged missiles or the Biggoron Punch!

16. Campaign heroes does spawn for the AI now!

There was an issue in the mod that I didn't know about which caused the AI to never get the later heroes of the campaign, so the AI would get the heroes that counts as starting heroes - but it wouldn't get any of the later ones. This I found out by watching about two campaigns and replaying many times certain parts of the campaign. In essence the Kingdom of Hyrule never got the "Great Sea"-units that are supposed to arrive at turn 151 when Tetralyna Zelda Nohansen 5 spawns. But she didn't spawn and as such the event never triggered which meant no Great Sea-units for the AI - but as the player it worked fine.

I had a look at the descr_script-files (four, one per campaign) and it would seem that the reason was that the text "and not IsFactionAIControlled" - so I did remove this line from every entry with the exception of Agitha (because she is now a starting hero) and Voice of Odolwa (cause he is lacking his event text which caused a gamebreaking CTD) and now the heroes do spawn for the AI as well.

When you play as for example the Kingdom of Hyrule, then you'll get a welcome message welcoming you the player as the new leader of the Kingdom of Hyrule - and you'd also get a warning that the Tokay is about to conquer the known world. At the second turn you'll be getting all the other welcome-messages for every other main faction of the mod - because removing that line caused this side-effect. Just exit these unless you wanna read them as they will only show on the second turn, and remember that the event-messages in the Freeform Campaign will also show during this turn - you might miss out on them if you click "Esc" to get rid of the welcome-messages. I do believe that Neph had planned to add the AI spawns for the heroes as their own separate entries, and this is possible - but not in this submod as I've reached the limit of the descr_scripts-file. As such I've had no choice but to do it this way - so you'll be getting welcome messages for AI heroes when they spawn.

Campaign heroes spawn for the AI now!

17. King Zant Invasion script flawed - 3 armies invade now!

I've found out during my playtesting that the King Zant invasion happens no matter if you spare his forces or not - the only difference is that if you condemn his forces then he won't be able to recruit the Midna-troops.

I tried to solve this issue as I did really want an optional invasion, but I failed in this and had to give up - instead I opted to remove the armies of Olg, Argorok the Dragon and that of Dark Onox - so you'll be facing three armies instead of six under King Zant, Lady Middee and the generic general - while Olg, Argorok and Dark Onox spawn alone as giant generals only.

As the player you can easily kill the giant generals in a real-time-battle - even though they will land a punch on any army attacking them. And the three remaining armies are two Zant-oriented armies and one Midna-oriented one - the armies with lots of CTD-friendly units like the Shadow Bloats were the ones deleted.

Originally I had wanted the option to either have an invasion, or not - giving Labrynna a chance against six armies. But when this didn't work I had no choice but to remove three out of the six armies. Now Labrynna can stand a chance if they spawn early.

King Zant Invasion script flawed - 3 armies invade now!

18. Fixed EVENT VIDEOS in DEFEAT, in DEATH and when you WIN the campaign!

If you did download the campaign videos (intro, death, defeat and win) then only the intro videos would play when starting a campaign, this has now been fixed and required the line event_movies = 1 in the .cfg-file of the Hyrule-folder - now when you win the campaign, are destroyed or when you are defeated because you didn't reach the goals before turn 179 - then you will have videos playing.

- Defeat and death videos are the same for the factions, and the death-videos will only play for the faction you the player are currently playing. Certain factions like the Twili and the River Zora can never be destroyed or die - but they can still lose the game by failing to reach the goals in time.

If you fail to achieve the goals within the time-limit then the campaign is technically lost and you will have the defeat-video play - but you'll still be able to continue the campaign and you can then turn defeat into victory by winning the campaign and achieving the victory conditions - unless another faction manages to do this first.

If your faction is destroyed the video will also play - but not if the AI-controlled factions are destroyed. This was disappointing but the videos will only play for the players faction.

If you achieve the victory conditions and win the game the videos will play - and I believe they will play when the AI wins as well but for the AI faction their videos will play. This is not certain though.

I updated the mod 4 days ago - fixed event movies!

Videos of recent releases:

Credits for the october 19 and November 3 releases:

1. Mr_Nygren (me) did all the fixing on the october 19 release.

2. M2TWEOP (Medieval 2 Engine Overhaul Project) Tool created by youneuoy and Jojo00182 as written above - I've integrated it to Hyrule: Total War - Classic Ultimate..

Earlier Credits:

Credits for the mod:

Hyrule Total War - from the first version, and up to Hyrule Total War Version 4.6 - Undying Nephalim (Nephy/Neph) - the sole creator of the mod and all of it's original assets.

SirLion and Tedster1995 - The community Patches and fixes of 2014 that are all included in this sub-mod - fixed many issues in the mod back then.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate Sub-Mod - Mr_Nygren, been working on improving the dec 2014 HTW 3.8 version alone, after permission from Neph!

Re-skins of most of the Majora regional rosters - Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord helped me with them, and their banners.

Link-crash and Ooccoo-hero - Warcraft TW modeler Bantu Chieftain helped me fix the Link crash, by moving the sword from the left hand to the right - then he also helped me with removing the Oocca Commandant helmet without it causing the muscles connecting the arms to disappear - so he helped with these two models.

- He did also make an Oocca strat-model out of the Neph battle-model of the Oocca Commandants but unfortunately it crashed and wasn't included, but it is in the files of the mod.

Sky City creation - Undying Nephalim.

Making the Sky City custom settlement playable - Makayane.

Sky City Strat-model creation - Makayane.

Oocca strat-model - Model Creator Undying Nephalim, rigging it from battle model to strat model - Bantu Chieftain, Re-rigging the model, reducing the size of the model and it's textures- Makayane and lastly fixing the hands/arms - Gigantus.

Oh, and i do have Undying Nephalim's permission.

Undying Nephalim's original project were based on the "Legend of Zelda" owned by Nintendo. Of course i have been working on an older version that has been out for years - utilizing the resources from all the three different versions of HTW. I know that Nintendo hasn't cared about the mod in the past - and my project is basically finished now. Of course all the rights are Nintendo's for their trademarks and characters,

I haven't earned money on this project, it's a free fan-made project based on the idea to make another fan-made project more complete.

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