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Hyperborea Rising campaigns and their descriptions.

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Campaigns of Hyperborea Rising TW

Information about Full Beta 1.0


1. Shadow Empire Campaign

This is campaign with only one playable faction - Shadow Empire. You must take control on almost 35 provinces and make peace in your lands. Shadow Empire have war with several big states and mighty Marid Empire. Barbarians are almost everywhere. And resourses can simply finished. Its better to don`t lost start army, because if you will have economic crisis, you can`t call any units to army. In first turns you also must stop invasions of Marid assaulters, Bear Tribes and Nurhanchi Rebels.

2. Argothian Campaign.

You are now have 2 playable factions - Marid Empire and Argothian Horde. Argothians have only one city in the west borders of Marid lands and good army of invasion. Marid Empire is very strong and powerful faction, but have war with many other factions and with Nurhachi Rebels. In the desert in first 3 turns you need to defeat big army of Rebels. All win conditions are very simple.

3. Oldest Campaign.

Its campaign of war between many factions factions in original map. Its very simple to play as Island Empire, Arctlings or Hyperborea. Other factions are much harder. This campaign is the most convenient and haven`t any errors. Many rebels there have big armies, so be ready for long sieges of their cities. Win conditions are normal there.

4. Northland Tribes Campaign.

The most easy campaign for neophites in Total war games. You have only 1 playable faction - Northland Tribes. This campaign have very simple gameplay and win conditions. You have big armies almost in the all campaign map. You must take control on islands and defeat Hyperborea. You have big and powerful army, so its can be easy for all players even in Hard gameplay level.

5. Necromancer War Campaign.

This is more harder campaign and its for players with experience. Its have 2 playable factions - Marid Empire and Starblade Legion. If you`re playing by Legion, you must defeat all Marid Empire. Its better to use start army. If you`re playing Marids, you need to defend your country from powerful alien enemy. Rebels are also powerful there. Win conditions are hard there.

6. Kardinal Map Campaign.

This campaign have new campaign map by my friend Kardinal. Its includes more cities in the east and more interesting things. You have ability to play some factions there and of course new one - Rebel Horde. This campaign haven`t got win conditions. You must play there without any targets. Just have fun. Sorry, but this campaign still contain some errors. If you don`t like it, play other campaigns.


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