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Just kidding, we're just getting started. HEV hands are done, so there's that.

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Fasten your seat belts, because things are about to get real.


HEV hands? Damn right. The hand model for HL:R is (finally) done, and uses Ambient.Impact's updated sleeve model. The textures should be compatible with the default HD HEV ones, meaning they can be easily swapped out to whichever retexture you'd like. I'm considering switching over to RavenGT's version further down the road, but these will do for now.

HEV CAR-15 HEV Glock

While we're at it I've replaced the CAR-15 and Glock set with the new HEV hands, instead of using the weird tacticool gloved ones before. With the CAR-15 animations done, I've been able to pose and compile the 357 and shotgun models. It looks okay-ish so far. It might be necessary to split the revolver textures; downscaling from a single 1024 produces a somewhat blurry result. The textures will have to be edited as well, it doesn't look as shiny as it should be.

SPAS-12 357

The SPAS model will probably be replaced entirely, since it doesn't look chunky or beefy enough for its role. So far Stoke's model has caught my eye (, it looks pretty snazzy. I further managed to find the time to finish up the CAR-15 animations between doing my chest and squat routines. All the sounds (still sourced from GHOST Ops) have been mixed and brought in-game as well. The result can be seen in the vid:

That's all there is to report so far. Progress has been steady without any real hiccups. I'll be working on the revolver next, while trying to source good replacements for the other weapons. Worst case scenario would be using BMS weapon models, which in the end really wouldn't be all that bad.


Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

I love your animations style, it's nice, it's fluid and it fits the guns well, very well done c:

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brunocar - - 1,158 comments

Dude, you scared me with that title

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sbnewsom - - 656 comments

A post-mortem is generally written post-release, documenting the pros and cons of production, what could of been done better and without, on top of what was done right. Dissappointed to see nothing of the sort. Then again, this isn't Gamasutra. lol

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

I'm terribly sorry the project is doing well

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DoItClean - - 17 comments

I like the weapons. The MP5 was pretty bland in the HD pack. I like how you fixed that. Also, aren't those hands already into the HD pack?

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