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Here's a fix for the AI problems. heres a fix for the AI problems. heres a fix for the AI Problems

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There are some known issues with the AI, the CIS is not as aggressive as it should be, but if you have no one attacking you AT ALL, then its a problem with your game.

Download this patch for Forces Of Corruption in order to fix this issue and prepare to experience the mod as it was meant to be:
It should work after that.

Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

"CIS is not as aggressive as it should be;" oh really, because my LAAT's, AT-TE walkers, multiple infantry platoons, Jedi, -etc were just mowed down by wave after wave of infantry and a nearly invincible enemy hero named "Durge." Compared to other mods, the CIS is so aggressive, that one feels as though the war was real.

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta - - 5,830 comments

by more aggressive, I mean they should be sending large, diverse fleets to invade your planets more often. Other than that,they behave the way I intended them to.

Durge is intentional, in the lore he was practically invincible, both in the comics and in the show. Obi -wan and Anakin had to force push him into an escape pod and jettison him into a nearby star to finally kill him.

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(LONEWOLF) - - 753 comments

where can i find that option in land battle

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Obrim - - 1 comments

Hey can you reupload this somewhere else? I would love to play your mod with functional AI and that link keeps sending me elsewhere. Thanks!

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AdmiralYularen - - 21 comments


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