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Whats this you ask? there is already a Clone Wars fan group on Moddb? We're quite aware of that, however that particular group, despite It's claims, is more orientated towards the 2008 Clone wars Show and its affiliate media, whilst we focus on EVERYTHING that preceded it in an effort to preserve the memory of these awesome comics, novels, video games and animated TV series that are under the threat of being completely forgotten.

Are you a fan of both Old and Newer clone wars media and like them equally? No problem you can be a member of both groups! There will be no discrimination against fandoms here.

Posting Policy: It's generally recommended that you post things pertaining to the Clone Wars Multi-Media Project rather than the newer Clone Wars media. Why is this you ask? Because not only is that outside the theme of this group but the leaders of the Clone Wars Fans/ Prequel Appreciation group will throw a tantrum if you do. And obviously no posting things offensive or pornographic in nature.

Clone Wars Multi-media Project Fans

Like the Clone Wars but don't like the show? Are you interested in learning about how the Clone War really went down? Do you feel that the 2008 Clone Wars movie and Television series doesn't accurately represent the events that transpired during the clone war? If any of the questions apply, then you, my friend, have found paradise.

What was the Clone Wars Multi-Media Project?

Beginning in 2002 after the successful release of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of The Clones, the Clone Wars Multimedia Project was established to tell the story of the Clone Wars, a conflict set in the 3 year span between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It consisted of Comics, Novels, a Television series (Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003)), and video games and set out to tell the story of the Clone Wars in Real Time (which it succeeded in doing until 2008 when it was ruined forever by the 2008 Clone Wars movie and television series)

For more background information on the Clone Wars Multi-Media Project here is a really good Wookieepedia Article:
Also: here is a video I made of the entire Clone Wars Timeline.


Click the image of each comic to begin reading
(Arranged in chronological order)

Star Wars: Republic "Defense of Kamino"
Star Wars: Republic: Defense Of Kamino p1

Star Wars : Republic "Last Stand On Jabiim"
Last Stand On Jabiim (Start Reading Here)
Star Wars: Republic "Enemy Lines"
Star Wars: Republic Enemy Lines START READING HERE
Star Wars: Republic: No Man's Land
Republic: No Mans Land (Start Reading Here)
Star Wars: Republic "Forever Young"
Star Wars: Republic

Routine Valor
Routine Valor Cover
Star Wars: Obsession
Star Wars Obsession (Start Reading Here)
Brothers In Arms
Brothers In Arms (Start Reading Here)

Want To See How The Clone War Really Happened?

click this link to read the article:
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Don't be Afraid to Contribute

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Clone Wars: A Visual Timeline

Clone Wars: A Visual Timeline

News 18 comments

I've undertaken the ambitious task of making a Timeline for the Clone Wars, a 3 year period between Episode's 2 & 3 of the Star Wars Saga

Galactic Conquests Overview

Galactic Conquests Overview

Legends Mod: The Clone Wars 1 comment

A brief, yet insightful, overview of the galactic conquest scenarios to be featured in the mod.

Legends Mod: The Clone Wars, A Guide to Infantry

Legends Mod: The Clone Wars, A Guide to Infantry

Feature 7 comments

Everything yo need to know about upcoming infantry units to be included in this mod.

Legends Mod Update

Legends Mod Update

Legends Mod: The Galactic Civil War 4 comments

The Mod's not Dead, I'm just busy, but there is a significant development I should Probably update you on

Rebellion Era Unit Rosters

Rebellion Era Unit Rosters

Legends Mod: The Galactic Civil War 1 comment

I've had this written out for months but I only just now put it into a presentable format

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Models Hutts Fleets for Empire At War Force Of Corruption.

You can use my Models Hutts Fleets for Empire At War Force Of Corruption. for free, only on the game or a mod of the Star Wars Empire At War Force Of Corruption community.

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Are I am free to join? The Clone Wars cartoon was always my fav.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Niner Skirata Creator
Niner Skirata

Everybody is free to join

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Niner Skirata Creator
Niner Skirata


Reply Good karma+2 votes

This will always be canon to me. And TCW will always be Legends to me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Hey, what happened to the visual timeline? The url isn't working anymore.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Commissar_Delta Creator

right here

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Commissar_Delta Creator

Hey guys, Dark Horse is having a MASSIVE sale on all star wars comics, including the awesome Clone Wars comics from 2003.

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