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Version 8.1 of Hard Doom has finally been released!

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Hard Doom v8.1

v8.1 Change List


  1. Increased the bullet spread of the Dual-Chaingunner by 5%.
  2. Changed the bullet spread of the Faceless Shotgunner to 11.25 from 11.2.
  3. Changed the bullet spread of the Dual-Pistol Zombie's first attack to 11.25 from 11.2.
  4. The SSG Zombie can no longer cancel its reload with its pain state.
  5. Added new blood effect to the Bruiser Demon.
  6. Made the Revenant's blood color match its sprites.
  7. Made the Hellfire Revenant's blood color match its sprites.
  8. Made the Hellfire Revenant's eyes green.
  9. Added new projectiles to the Rictus.
  10. Fixed the offsets on the Visage projectiles.
  11. Made the Visage have its frost effect during its charge attack.
  12. Recolored the Necrodemon's tracer so it stands out more.


  1. Added Fist swing and hit wall sounds.
  2. Made the Chainsaw and Berserk-Fist always gib enemies.
  3. Shortened the alt-fire of the Sonic Railgun by 7 tics.
  4. Fixed a bug where the Sonic Railgun's drop rate was higher on the xdeath state.
  5. Reduced the amount of pellets the Quad-Shotgun fires by 1 (now 52).
  6. Adjusted the drop rate of Quad-Shotgun to 25% per Quad-Shotgunner (from 30%). This makes the overall rate about 1.25% per Shotgunguy spawn.
  7. Fixed a bug where the Quad-Shotgun's drop rate was higher on the xdeath state.
  8. Swapped the slot priorities of the Plasma Rifle and Sonic Railgun.


  1. Added a custom cvar "sv_coopprojectiles". When set to 1 it will make projectiles pass through other players.
  2. Added a custom cvar "sv_ssgdrop". When set to 1 it will make SSGers drop the SSG.
  3. Made "sv_shotgunstart" work like the old Shotgun start from v7.1 and prior. Enable it to start with Shotgun + 8 shells.
  4. Gave the Radiation Suit a unique pickup sound.
  5. Players now go into an ice death when killed by ice projectiles.
  6. Made the screen fade to black when dying in VR with the ViveDoom port.
  7. Forced HUD scaling for the mods HUD.
  8. Changed the alignment of Health, Armor, and Ammo values on the HUD.
  9. Added missing GLDefs for the BFGExtra.
  10. Named the ACS scripts so they dont conflict with any map ACS.
  11. Removed the unused Dark Imp sprites.
  12. Removed a few unused sounds.
  13. Turned all the remaining sounds that were .wav into .ogg.
  14. Optimized PNG's to lower the file size of the mod.

Great! I like to see more of this project

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