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This update includes the full Dungeons and Traps system in addition to some bug fixes and other updates.

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Alpha 0.1.26 includes the Dungeons and Traps system as well as some other features and bug fixes.

Dungeons and Traps (see video below)

  • Dungeons can be found as part of the Quest System
  • Dungeons are a good source of gold and other useful resources
  • Many dungeons have traps inside of them including floor spikes, flame traps, and swinging axes
  • To complete a dungeon you must kill all of the monsters inside it. Once that is complete, you receive all of the gold you found as well as a treasure chest with additional loot.

Fixes and Updates

  • Pressing Escape when a UI window is not opens a new UI
    • Options to "Save and Quit to Desktop" or "Save and Quit to Title Screen"
    • Pressing Escape again will close this menu
    • When this menu is open, the game is paused
    • You cannot open this UI in dungeons or when another UI is open
  • Once an NPC's Quest Button is pressed it cannot be pressed again unless that NPC has a new active quest
  • Corrected "shift" in description for opening town management UI (shift-V)
  • You can no longer open other UI when the inventory UI is open (I also fixed the pop-up bug in case a player finds a way to open UI on top of the inventory UI)
  • Messages should no longer overlap
  • Fixed an issue that would cause NPCs to get stuck in their "chop" animation
    • This animation is used when the NPC is chopping a tree, building a structure, or clearing the mines
    • This was actually a really nasty bug that is likely also the cause of the NPC sometimes getting stuck clearing the mines
  • The NPC bugs should mostly be fixed, but since the NPC AI is some of the most complicated code I've written, I've added a Debug Button to their conversation UI.
    • Pressing it will bring up a menu that shows all of the things they've been told to do by the system (example image attached)
    • If an NPC gets stuck or is acting strange, you can open this window and screenshot it.
    • This will help me track down what's going on if a problem is encountered.
  • Fixed another nasty bug that made the workers scared of the market when loading a save game during the tutorial after you killed the ghosts
    • This means NPCs stopped gathering resources and would never do so, really bad!
  • Added a new quest: "Discovered New Mine Level"
    • Allows the player to enter the mines and fight monsters and get more loot and ore
    • I'm also going to add another quest where monsters attack an already cleared level, which means Miners will stop gathering stone until you clear it out again
    • I want to add other non-combat quests for the mines too, such as a Miner being trapped and needs rescue or a toxic gas enters the mine, etc.

Dungeons and Traps Video


The new traps look great Calandryll!

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_Calandryll Author

Thank you!

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