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My first of a weekly dev blog to update you all on the game's progress towards releasing a playable demo.

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I'm hoping to release a demo in the next month or two so I'm working on a lot of polish and improvements. Today I created a new build that includes:

  • UI windows can be closed by pressing ESC rather than having to click the X button
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to lag a bit when opening and closed the inventory UI
  • You can right click loot to automatically put it in your backpack rather than having to click and drag
  • Items can be auto-equipped from inventory using right click as well
  • Added hit point bars to ore deposits to make it more clear that they are being mined
  • The amount of ore veins that need to be mined to complete the mining tutorial quest updates in the quest UI
  • You can press left-shift when crafting consumables (such as ingots and potions) to craft the maximum amount based on how many you have of the required resources
  • A sound effect has been added when an item is crafted
  • Updated NPC names list
  • Fixed a bug that caused footstep sounds to not play

I'll be posting dev updates each week and also updating on the progress towards releasing a demo. Next week's build will likely include a bunch of bug fixes but I'll try to include something new along with a screenshot as well!

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