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Hello. Today i have some sad news to share related to mod.

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Today i have some sad news to share related to modification. As of right now, our Leader has left Moddb platform for undefinite time. Because the team now has divided, I'm posting these final news. Here we go.

1. The Case of Half-Way Studios / Zombie Strike Group


In 2015,our team got severily divided and started to fall apart while working on Projects. As we motivated to continue, only 2 People where working on the projects. Meaning only Vladkill1 and Noobkiller2 did all the job. Of course, along with Beta-Testers and VoiceLines Provider. As one major work force decided to quit afterwards,the Teams basically dissolved. What remains for Half-Way Studios and Zombie Strike is just a shadow of former members.

2. Extension Pack No.3 - Halted until 2019

Reupdated Knife

Extension Pack No.3 would provide basically a remastered version of Battlefield 2. Inclusion of HD Sounds, Remastered Maps, Gamemodes, Balances and Upgrades. Lots of content was included and prepared to be release all out until 2019. But at this point,only 1 member works on mod,which is Me Player007. My life is too complicated to continue the legacy of this project. I'm announcing a half of production until Year 2019.

3. Project Zombie Strike 2014 - Cancelled

Introducing: Night Vision

As people have no interest in Zombie style shooters due to overbloating,we cancel the Mod. A one last build fixing crashing issues for Legacy Times and Sound errors will release if the assets will be kept. Of course,the remaining works will be scrapped and placed until it will come in-handy. I'm really sad to cancel this mod,because its an really awesome Zombie Style shoot-em up. Night Vision, Escape, Backup, Defense Force, The War's Edge... Well, i guess thats not a thing for anyone

Thats it. I can finally put away all this and wrap up this. Thanks for reading this last message from me and our former members. The end of the line or how they call it has arrived.


Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

I don't think people don't like zombie mods, I know I tried the mod out and I really liked it. It is just that not everybody who tries a mod writes reviews or posts any comments. This is normal.

Just take some time off and try and get a team together to help you out. You can continue working on it in the meantime.

Best of luck.

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Yeah I don't think you have to cancel something you put so much efforts into, I have played the last version of Project Zombie Strike 2014 during this week and I liked it a lot, especially that sound which play during the fight. :)

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RoyalFranz - - 120 comments

you can't seriously abandon something that you've been working on for years, all that effort could go to waste. i'm happy about the latest version of PZS 2014, it rarely crashes now and that shouldn't be the only fix you'll end the production with. :(

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