Extension Pack No.2 released in 2014-2015 aimed to introduce different scenario of war along with new high-tech weapons for players to use in during the war.This time,the successor is a total game-changer compared to previous-year's release.We aim to improve the Battlefield 2's content with better animations,lighting system and much more action than before

Development Team:

Noobkiller2 - Lighting,Mapping,Porting and Public Relation
*Pro*Player007 - AI,Porting,and User Interface
Vladkill1 - Soundtrack,NavMeshing and Balancing
*Pro*Cristian - Map Ideas,Gamemode Sugestions
FailEn3myHMQ - Modification Idea,Layout Mastering
H4R3M_K1NG - Special Forces Content Porting
AlphaDxD - Engine Testing and Gamemode Ideas
ProNike2000 - Beta-Testing and Suggestions
ZyX3L_4rMy - Beta-Testing and Suggestions

Modification Target:

  • Remastered Maps Lighting and Layouts X
  • More Gamemodes X
  • Updated Weapons X
  • Better Sound Quality X
  • Modern-Day Story X
  • Euro Forces Maps with 64-Players X
  • More dangerous weaponry X
  • High Definition User Interface X
  • Infinite Sprint X
  • Balancing for maps X
  • Stats Support X
  • Better weapon Sounds X

X - Works in Progress
X - Finished Target

Extension Pack No.3 Requirements:
(As of Pre-Alpha Software)

1) Graphic Preset: Maximum (Game will crash at some points)
2) Extesion Pack Core (xpack) (Required for some features in Alpha Builds)
3) Patch 1.5 (Versions below are not supported)
4) Optional Components: ENB (Includes effects to game.Requires good Builds)

NOTE: Coming Soon

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Hello everyone. Today I have some sad news to share with everyone. As of this moment, Extension Pack No.3 ceases it's development, and we are announcing the cancellation of the project. No more vaporwave.

Since the inception, the modification was planned to be a sequel to Expansion No.2's storyline, and at some points, telling a different story based on Battlefield 3's War of 2014. Sadly, the project was announced too early both for Half-Way Studios, and helpers Zombie Strike Group. Instant Flashback took the decision to try and revive this mod, but sadly the available time and dedication was spent more towards other content. Currently the group has no passion and resources to work around on this particular idea, and as a group, we took the decision to cancel the project entirely. Looks like it's fate was already sealed upon it's announcement. We are sadly letting go of this chance, and are willing to share the idea to someone else who want's to continue it's development.

As a final tribute, Noobkiller2 made the the 2017 Pre-Alpha available to download for everyone willing to play a Work-in-Progress build: Mega.nz

A huge thanks to everyone who wanted to play the project ever since it was announced. Hope you will enjoy the technical test we provided with the link. Personally will work on uploading it on ModDB, for everyone to download it. This was Betamaxx, thank you for everything.

Status: A Revival

Status: A Revival


Hello, in these news I'm going to cover the future of Extension Pack No.3 and it's previous problematic covers and stories.

Team Update: Halting the Production

Team Update: Halting the Production

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Hello. Today i have some sad news to share related to mod.

Update #6: UI Updates and Beta-Testing

Update #6: UI Updates and Beta-Testing

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Good afternoon everyone.Today we have more news related to Extension Pack No.3

Update #5: Alpha Build

Update #5: Alpha Build

News 3 comments

Welcome back everyone. Or i guess, we are back again in this modification.

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Graffical Effect

Graffical Effect

Effects GFX 1 comment

ENB for Extension Pack No.3 It adds several effect to game...

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Noobkiller2 Creator
Noobkiller2 - - 1,142 comments

Extension Pack No.3 is a vaporwave. I announced this thing too early. I think it's in the best to remove this page, and release it in a much more appropriate time. It's really forced, just postpone it for good until it's enough time to make this one.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SlickWhiteRabbit - - 591 comments

Sorry to hear you are abandoning the project for now. I do hope it is resurrected sometime in the not too distant future. appreciate the time it can take to get these things right and there is always something new coming along to distract us, especially life. :) Take care. hope this will be released eventually as the BF2 community despite being 14 years old is still stong and will be around for many years to come.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Drvomarac - - 12 comments

Soon release ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Betamaxx Creator
Betamaxx - - 158 comments

Sadly this project has been postponed for some time. I hope this month to resume working on the Alpha build, as most of the content got corrupted. Sorry :(

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Drvosjeca - - 8 comments

How much long for release ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Betamaxx Creator
Betamaxx - - 158 comments

2019 for Alpha-Testing Versions.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Betamaxx Creator
Betamaxx - - 158 comments

This mod really needs a facelift

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Ismoleboss - - 1,652 comments

ha ha you're back !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,970 comments

Yep :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

This looks awesome, good luck and try to get it to me for my b-day(in a week)!

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