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Not an April Fools update! We just the bad luck of having to update around the same time as April Fools, along with bad timing with falling inline with other beta mod updates.

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Hey where were you guys? You guys release a demo and basically disappear for a full year?!?!?

I mean, you guys should of realized this by now, we post updates when we feel ready to update you guys. It takes us months just to get to a point where we are happy with how a chapter is looking and playing and from there it takes a few weeks for us to decide to share the progress with the community. There's only one situation where we didn't follow this standard and that was the original Footfall (Power Up) screenshots. Which to this day, we regret sharing publicly. We plan on trying to make this better by having a Discord server in place to share our in-development progress.

With this Discord server, we can directly communicate with you guys and show off progress with the mod itself in a quick manner and receive direct feedback for our work. While it may still take us awhile to update our ModDB profile with more finalized work, Discord will allow us to get down and dirty and show you the rough edges of mod development.

So what has been done since we've last heard from you guys?

Well, quite a bit. Questionable Ethic is mainly done geometry wise, we just have to texture one of the maps, add things to do, and link it up with other chapters. Cliff Hanger (Surface Tension) has a good portion of the desert and the opening of Military Camp done and playable, and we have Boot Camp in the works. On a Rail is still as painful as ever, but the opening is mostly completed! We have a working conversion of the retail Residue Processing with minor adjustments to match the footage and screenshots we do have of it, but it's not ready to demo off, we still have to make it so it isn't much of a clone of the retail chapter. Blast Pit is going through a major re-work currently, as the original maps we were working on during the demo release were quite broken. Of course, this isn't all of the progress we have done since we last updated you guys.


We adjusted and fixed the maps seen in the demo release thanks to your guys' feedback! We are listening, let us know on our Discord what your concerns or comments may be, we want to know!

But not only that, we were focusing on other projects since the demo release of Half-Life: Absolute Zero. We were also working on Fairfield Terror, which, trust us, we are going to release that really soon. But this isn't the Fairfield page, so I won't go much into details of it, if you're interested in Fairfield, check out that page.

Where's that Discord you keep talking about?

Good question! Right here:

We also now have an official Steam Group (but it's mainly just going to be these updates):

Random Plugs:

If you didn't get the chance to play our demo, I'm going to link it again!

If you didn't get the chance to see our old abandoned content from years past, I'm going to link that again! Just remember, the builds folder is off limits to your mods, everything else is fair game if you credit us!:

and if you want to see where this all started back in October of 2010, then here's Half-Life E3 1998:

no idea why you would want to torture yourselves with this?


I see a grunt with the missing head, great work.

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Wow, nice catch!

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How I turn off z_shadow ?

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The_uaredead Author

You turn off r_shadows (not z_shadow, not a real command) by the advanced options menu or in the console by typing "r_shadows 0"

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