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Mini-update: animated PDA. Now you can see what kind of device you're using.

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Animated PDA

Rugged PDA consists of two animation sequences - draw and holster. Using PDA will make the character to holster his current weapon or item and change it to PDA and vice versa. There is a ~1.2 second time frame before display is active. Now it makes sense since you see what you're using and it's not just appearing 2D overlay, right?

Also we added one more thing - delay to action is decreased now. Switching from current weapon to medkits, quick knife attack, quick grenade or PDA will be x2 faster now. This feature is not applied to switching from weapon to weapon and some items (any firearm, knife, uncooked grenade, binoculars and etc.)

Model and texture by SAM61.

Click on the screenshot to be moved to page with original sized screenshot.

Rugged PDA - Work in progress Rugged PDA - High Poly

STRIFER - FPS animation, compile and icons
Sin! - Engine fixes, scripts, config
Mr.Rifleman - 3D/2D art
SAM61 - 3D/2D art
Synap - 3D/2D art
NavaĐĆo - Sounds

And that's it for now. We aren't using source code to implement new features. We don't do any requests. Read our FAQ to know more. Thank you.

Thanks for reading!
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SpogZallagi - - 90 comments

I was wondering, it's a cool animation, but are you planning on having the PDA overlay appear on the screen of the device itself, a la the map/GPS in Far Cry 2? You did a nice job with the forearm screen for the exosuit, it'd be neat if you did the same for the PDA.

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Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

I personally like this idea but its up to the devs. because by utilizing existing & simpler assets it made production of the games new assets & features a bit faster. Visually a 3D model with an animated 2D LCD screen would be much much more immersive and just plane awesome in general but in order to do that "and we all know they can as they certainly have the skills for it" they would have to redesign the whole PDAs user interface in addition to animate the players hands actually operating the touch screen or the buttons for example.

Basically it comes down to weather or not we prefer quality immersive content VS how long we are willing to wait for its development to finish or at least reach a playable beta state.

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TrustFundKid - - 80 comments

That Five-Seven looks good too.

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Lonewolf100 - - 26 comments

it would be cool to have a google earth-like map on this instead of the same old map.
i imagine it to be a lot of work.... but you know i would have never thought about making the pda with matching animation.

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FoxFort - - 1,552 comments

F awesome

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RumbleRamy - - 85 comments

WOW ! you're making a new STALKER game this ain't a mod anymore

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