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A little information about this remake for gomod xd

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-----------------------.::Go-Mod: Reborn::.------------------------

Previously, I tried to continue Go-Mod in a project called "Go-Mod: BTC" with some friends, the problem is that I was trying to update it and not recreate it, in addition to using the most unstable version of the source code that RangerC shared, which is already by now. if they are all very unstable (GO-Mod Beta 2) so I made the decision to cancel that project and start from the scratch.

This is an new project and unofficial continuation of go-mod (since the original gomod has been discontinued and canceled a decade ago) although i will take the ideas and recreate a large part and spirit of the original go-mod, but I do not plan to follow the same plans to the letter of the original Go-Mod, I will take the liberties to decide how I will continue this mod, for now I will give you a list of things that I am NOT going to add from Go-Mod 3.4/Go-Mod BTC:

- Cs 1.6 weapons - I will not add them because I consider that there are games from the golden source engine with much more interesting mechanics, for example TFC, DMC, HLOP4, etc.

- Graphic improvements - As well as go-mod beta 2 and go-mod beta two custom that had options to enable/disable "improved graphics" I will leave this idea aside for two reasons:

1- these required some dll files that one of them (only one specific dll, I don't remember the name of that file at this moment lol) produced VAC bans on public servers with protected servers according to what I read on the creators' forum (which were originally for half-life vanilla) due to an exploit this was used for cheating and valve ended up blocking these dlls on public servers with VAC

2- I realized that this is an golden source sandbox and NOT a mod to enjoy better graphics , However, I plan to port the explosion effect of Go-Mod Beta2/BTC because I liked them a lot, I'll see if it can be recreated without the need to add dlls, otherwise they won't be there.

This mod is made in collaboration with Extended Studios creators of Half-Life: Extended

and an special and huge thanks to Bacontsu and DaKashi

---------------- .:Objectives of this remake:. -------------------

Making it clear above that I am going to eliminate from the original mod, I will go on to explain new things that will be in this mod.

Variety of weapons from different golden source games:

I am going to add weapons from: Team Fortress Classic, Deathmach Classic, Half-Life: Opossing Force, but I don't think I can add all of them for a specific reason: despite having added a system that disables weapons as "configurable content" as I already did with the 2 weapons that I already added from TFC, I am not sure if the engine will limit the amount of weapons that I can add, so I will try to save as much weapon slots as possible, and add a limited amount of weapons from each game, for example I will NOT add weapons from op4 with little relevant mechanics or repeated shotguns from tfc and dmc

EDIT: i added opossing force weapons of solokillers but i removed temporaly tfc weapons

Opossing Force and Blue Shift Npcs:

I plan to add all the npcs of opossing force (except the bosses) to this mod, for now the ones you see in the image are already added.

Credits to Solokiller

CL_hands System

choose the hands that you like the most between: gordon, adrian and barney, credits to Bacontsu


Remember in Create Server/Game you have a lot of stuff for enable/disable/customize stuff, here some tips and recommendations:

-Allow TFC Sweeps: in case you have enabled them after playing once, it is recommended to restart the game (close the mod and open again) because the weapons get very buggy and unstable (this is caused by the golden source limitations)

-Player sounds Types, Precache All Npcs, Big Monsters, Race x Monsters: all these options handle precaches (precaches are the preloading of models, sounds, sprites or any other resource in general) because they are precaches, in case you have already created a game before of enabling these options is recommended to create a game twice to refresh the precaches, this is also the case due to the limitations of the Golden source xd,

-HL Weapons Spawning, Monster Spawning, Allow Noclip: These options restrict these functions so they cannot be used during the game, for example you can make the weapon and npcs menus locked, and block the use of noclip

-Spawn Weapons Setup: that make you can chose some kits for weapons you have at moment of spawn/respawn during the game, NOTE NOT RECOMMENDED USE "All the Weapons setup" cause is buggy lol.

Some credits here for people help me or i used his packs:

RangerC, User47, Bacontsu, DaKashi, LIL-PIF, Solokiller, BlueNightHawk, Dmitriy-Bars

This is all I have to say for the moment greetings and a hug

HLAG_Golden - - 19 comments

Que hermoso es leer esto lpm, ver que despues de tanto tiempo haya gente que siga interesada en un mod que estaba bien encaminado... pero que fue abandonado hace mucho tiempo.

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Chernobyl_Luck Author
Chernobyl_Luck - - 173 comments

muchisimas gracias hermano

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23-down - - 3,548 comments

Sounds wonderful.

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Chernobyl_Luck Author
Chernobyl_Luck - - 173 comments

thanks you :)

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Walter_DogGaming - - 1 comments

bro i have a problem and that is that my hands dont show and i try to pick adrian
hand and it not work and i want to go to go mod menu and it dosent work and yes i binded commands menu , thanks for understanding

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

what maps can the user add? hl1 dm maps?

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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JoeBama - - 6 comments

Is it possible to port deathmatch classic weapons into this?

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