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v6.3 release of the Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

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Breakable pickups, further improved AI, new effects, more bug fixes, further depth given to the RPG systems, weaponry improvements and much more. It all can be viewed here. or a mostly complete list of ALL of the mod's features developed over the course of 2.2 years here.

GMDX v6.3

"GMDX feels more like the game the designers intended than the wonderful but flawed product that hit the shelves in 2000."
- Wildcat Phoenix

"A true, remastered edition of the original Deus Ex. From small things such as breakable, sensitive objects like in Human Revolution to significant, enhanced changes to the gameplay and graphics. Also, yes, lots of bugs and issues are fixed in this mod."
- Rob12772

"Feeling the sheer joy that I have played almost 7.5 hours so far is unbeatable."
- birdzoli



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Hey Cyber, I would normally have reviewed this on the HDTP forum, but it seems logins are defunct there for the time being.

I've been trying to do permadeath runs of the hardcore mode for this mod. Despite my initial reluctance to switch over from Shifter, I've found this mod and the extra content to be quite enjoyable.

If you still intend to develop GMDX, I'll be glad to offer feedback - there are lots of little details and potential improvements I could pick out for future versions.

Thanks for creating a great mod!

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