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News on a recent team review, Archive map screens, available jobs and plenty more! Development and Developer focus in this update for fans.

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Arising from the news post ashes, like a (..well you know the analogy..), comes GoldenEye: Source with an August update for our fans and followers alike. It promises to be one hell of a post for those wanting to know what 4 months looks like from the internal developer side of the modification, to the external results awaiting you, created by our many dedicated developers.

We know, you just want the pretty pictures! First, we want to update you on a recent shift that actually benefits you greatly! From time to time an internal review must be done. A cleansing? Necessary evil? The harsh reality? No, the GoldenEye: Source team calls it a necessary good. An opportunity to open our doors and get more happening for our fans! We'll address those opportunities below. This change is in effect across all levels of leadership and production roles. The biggest of note is the long overdue appointment of Killermonkey, our lead coder, and now first in-charge Managing Director. Backing him up in our second tier leadership is Luchador, who now takes on the Level Design and 3D department. Quite the Lead Developer hero (see "Archives"), and like Killermonkey, an example to the developers and applicants that look to enter our team environment.

For those interested, the team structure operates roughly like this;*Staff List*. The shake up has streamlined our leadership, as well as left us with a handful of vacancies to supplement our core group! You can put your hand up now, and join a professional and fun, well exposed team; Grabbing yourself a portfolio along the way!

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Most of the fans will remember the current map by Inverted Shadow, which has seen some miles in our releases. Since his departure, who else but Luchador to take the reigns. No more than a matter of months later he'd delivered what you see above. The progress shown displays the kind of polish that is in sync with the standards set, in maps the likes of Control. Luchador has given the map a look which is reminiscent of the movie. But still retains the base imagery of the game we all love; Really the best of both. Also, refined are the extra areas we have always looked to create in maps, to help support the recommended 16 players. The biggest thing you will notice is, like the movie, the map now takes place in daytime; Most notably with rays of light piercing through the big windows...Can't you just imagine Bond swinging across in that signature Screenshot? We could!

Luchador is also working hard on Surface, and two other maps we'll keep quiet on for now. Other news on the mapping front, we welcome back Sharpshootah to full production. We can expect Runway to be back on the agenda soon!

Yup, we are on the prowl for Modders. We seek key production roles to propel us further in our goals. Working for 6 years, our team without new blood can threaten to become stale. This is why our steady flow of quality recruits have put us in good stead to continue renewing our spirits. New recruits should seek to match our standards for the mod with every asset they present. Learning from the leadership is vital in this. We do demand a quality, so we ask that you respect our application criteria, and have most of the abilities they ask of you!

1. Public Relations/Video

  • Good understanding of writing practices, and how Public Relations works.
  • Be proficient in video production within Source engine, and skilled in producing polished content.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

2. 3D artist

  • Primarily seeking talented Character Modelers
  • Secondary roles for Environmental Art and Texturing
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

3. VGUI Designer / 2D Artist

  • Requires proficiency in 2D design
  • Ability and experience with Source engine VGUI design
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

4. Animator

  • Requires you to do select animations for characters
  • Ability to animate weapons and any other misc. field necessary
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

Universal Standards

  • Be able to work well with a professional team.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism and apply it to a project.
  • Be able to see a project through to completion.
  • Be available to contribute opinions, and time each week to your project(s).

All applicants head to this section of our forums, and make your thread! Good luck to all.

note; We operate with new applicants who are approved, being placed in a Trial' period in which you must deliver the tasks given to the leaders satisfaction, before you can take your place in the core team.

If you weren't aware, GoldenEye: Source not only has a Community Manager now (Major), but also has all the latest popular ways you can keep in touch with our latest happenings.

Steam Group

Major will keep you in the loop while you are mobile, and when you get home and fire up that laptop or desktop, be sure to head to our forums and our MODDB pages to get much more! The community is always talking, and you would do us proud to join them in the discussions. Also on the front is an attempt to make some late summer competitions. Stay tuned for the community that is spearheading this and Major will keep you up to date. He's good like that!

Stay tuned for a September update. It will include more information on Killermonkey's coding progress, a new player model in-game, more screens and generally much more! We are starting a monthly schedule of news posts, which we are sure you will all be excited for! In the meantime be sure to click the google/facebook buttons whenever you like a new post; Even if you just wish to support us! It all helps GE:S out.

Team GoldenEye: Source.

faulk - - 754 comments

The archives look great! Really nice work. :D

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major  - - 18 comments

If you love the look of Silo, and Casino, Archives won't disappoint. Another amazing map.

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Newbez - - 480 comments

benjamin is gay

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wake[of]thebunt Author
wake[of]thebunt - - 161 comments

Who exactly, is Benjamin? *delete hammer on standby*

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MARiN3 - - 713 comments

you made a good looking map even more good looking :-)

Great Mod i always when i see GES

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IAspYrI - - 315 comments

Thank you

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