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Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband which has been rated by the community as the most popular multiplayer module. We're taking a break from the usual blog today and talking about ways you, the community, can support us during development.

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Greetings, Defenders

Welcome to yet another article here on ModDB, bringing us even closer to the release of Amber 2.0. We have been keeping busy this past week with closed testing with the community on our Discord Server, which has gone very well. Today we will be mainly announcing the launch of our Patreon Page, as well as how we hope this will help us make better modules in the future.

If you missed the previous article on ModDB, we announced our Community Discord Server for Full Invasion 2. Everyone is welcome to join the server and chat, you are not required to have a mic to participate. Discord has worked out great for testing purposes on Amber 2.0, and we are getting much better feedback than we previously did with Amber’s original testing; big thank you goes out to everyone who has been helping with testing over the past week.

If you are interested in helping with map testing for Amber 2.0 and getting a sneak peek at what’s to come, all you have to do is join our Discord Server and be on when testing’s about to begin (details are posted on Discord and Steam). You do not need to download anything or have a mic, joining the testing server is all that’s required. If you have any questions, jump on Discord and feel free to ask them.

Patreon Banner

Since Amber’s initial release over eight months ago, we have had a number of people ask if there is any way to donate or support us. While this hasn’t been possible in the past, we have now launched a Patreon for support of continued development on Full Invasion 2 and, hopefully soon, Full Invasion 3 on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Wave 53 Studios was founded for development on Amber, and all of the developers have contributed 1000’s of hours of our time into working on Full Invasion 2 with absolutely no outside funding. Despite this, we have still been paying for the Official EU Server out-of-pocket, as well as spending time building a community around and supporting our module further.

We have made significant improvements to Full Invasion 2 from previous versions, and have designed new and original systems for the Mount & Blade module system, such as the new loadout system, dynamic missile deflection, UI and gameplay improvements, and fixing issues with AI pathing found in the base game. It’s safe to say that we have worked very hard to create a quality module that everyone can enjoy for free.

With support from the community, we will be able to invest more time and resources into development of our modules and make them even better than we can right now. We will be able to upgrade our servers, improve equipment, commission new and original assets, and expand our team later on when development of Full Invasion 3 begins.

It’s important to note that no one is required to support us on Patreon to play Full Invasion 2 or any of our updates down the road. That makes it even more important for people to choose to support us and the development of Full Invasion 2, because they will be the people who are ensuring that our modules will continue improving into the future (and that we can make them with a roof over our heads).

Linked above is a video by Patreon describing their service and how you can support us through them at different levels. We have plans to make a video like this in the future specifically to explain and promote our Patreon Page, but for now the original explains it well enough.

Patreon allows you, as a member of our community, to support us by contributing an amount of your choice each month to help fund development of Full Invasion 2 and our other projects. You can donate as little as a dollar a month, or decide to contribute more than that, but all contributions will help us continue doing what we love.

If you contribute a certain amount per month, you’ll be eligible for some pretty cool rewards. These range from access to our Patron-only feed where we will be regularly posting previews and behind-the-scenes information (check the sample post on Patreon) to having the option to design a legendary weapon or a brand-new final boss for Full Invasion 2. A full list of rewards can be found on the right side of our Patreon Page, but feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments.

As time goes on, additional rewards will be added which will only be available for a limited time and at a limited amount. Luckily, contributing now will ensure you earn these rewards when they become available.

We would like to seriously thank everyone who are already supporting and who will choose to support us in the future. We love working on Full Invasion 2, so it means a lot to know that you appreciate us as developers for making something that you actually enjoy playing.

If for whatever reason you are not able to support us, but would still like to help out, you can do that in a few different ways. Firstly, you can share our Patreon on social media so people who can contribute might do so. You can join our [Discord] and become active in the community and help with map testing, and you can keep supporting us by playing Full Invasion 2.


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